Skylar Schneider, Kendall Ryan & Justin Williams to lead 2021 L39ION of Los Angeles Co-Ed Domestic Elite Team

November 2, 2020

L39ION of Los Angeles Men’s Team Announces Move To Uci Continental Circuit For 2021

LOS ANGELES, November 2, 2020 – Williams Racing Development, the company that uses marketing to promote and increase diversity within cycling, today announced the roster for their 2021 L39ION of Los Angeles USA Cycling Domestic Elite Team and the establishment of a Men’s UCI Continental Team, L39ION of Los Angeles.

During an American racing season dramatically impacted by the global coronavirus pandemic affecting millions of people in the US and world-wide, L39ION of  Los Angeles worked to continue its mission to create diversity in the sport of cycling. Despite the limitations created by Covid-19, the team continued its work with Outride, a public nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of youth through cycling.

New for the 2021 season will be a co-ed L39ION of Los Angeles Domestic Elite team, anchored by team founder Justin Williams and American Standouts Kendall Ryan and Schylar Schnieder. “We saw an opportunity to help people who were really talented american riders,” Justin added about the addition of Kendall and Schylar. “Riders that deserve an opportunity to do the thing they love the most, and achieve their goals in the United States. We could help so we did.”

“Joining L39ION is a big deal to me,” added Kendall Ryan. “I fell in love with the sport of cycling at a young age by racing criteriums in Southern California. The Williams brothers and I were on the same junior team, Major Motion. I learned a lot from them; how to sprint, how to be aggressive, and how to position myself for success. My goals are to encourage desire and participation of women in the sport of cycling, equality of women in cycling, share my knowledge with the up and coming, and win every race we show up to.”

The L39ION of Los Angeles team was able to mobilize around these world-class athletes very quickly to provide the support they need to continue racing at a high level in the United States.

“I will wear the Legion of Los Angeles colors with pride in 2021,” continued Schylar Schnider, “knowing that the sponsors on the jersey and supporters around the World are united in creating a more diverse and inclusive sport. As a professional athlete and a woman I feel empowered to use my platform and position with L39ION of Los Angeles to make a difference. So, it means a lot to me that they have chosen me to fulfill this role”

The members of the 2021 L39ION of Los Angeles USA Cycling Domestic Elite Team include Amgen Tour of California Women’s Race stage winner, Kendall Ryan, LOTTO Thüringen Ladies Tour stage winner Schylar Schnieder, Eleven time United States National Champion Justin Williams. Joining them will be U.S. riders, Avry Howes, Angel Munoz, Ama Nsek, and Imeh Nsek.

In 2021 the team will work to increase eyes on the sport in the United States, while also working to boast diversity in the sport. This team will be a place where people of color can see true representation in cycling. L39ION of Los Angeles will continue to work to open doors for the next generation of cyclists by changing the way teams work in the construct of American cycling.

New for 2021 is the establishment of the L39ION of Los Angeles UCI Continental Team.  This team will focus on the greatest races on the North American circuit. The complete roster will be announced in the coming months.

About L39ION of Los Angeles

Legion of Los Angeles is a team devoted to promoting diversity in cycling. We believe that representation is important and we want to ensure that people from every demographic feel included in a sport that has the potential to change many lives. We are committed to building community and developing a platform for the future of American cycling.

About Williams Racing Development

A vehicle for change, a company that uses marketing to promote and increase diversity within cycling. Try to elevate the sport of cycling in the US. Improving and developing American Racing. Created by brothers Justin and Cory Williams to create opportunities that did not otherwise exist and open new doors for the next generation..

L39ION of Los Angeles Domestic Elite Team Roster:

Avry Howes
Ama Nsek
Angel Munoz
Imeh Nsek
Justin Williams
Kendall Ryan
Skylar Schneider


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