Say Hello to the Vitus Team of Real Riders

January 19, 2023

Fronted by Kyle Strait, the new Vitus Bikes team of Real Riders is ready to ride anywhere, anytime, with anyone.

(January 19, 2023 – Salt Lake City, UT) /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – When Vitus looked to expand into the United States, we sought riders across all cycling disciplines that aligned with our Real Riders mentality. To us, Real Riders are those people who find immense passion and joy on their bike. Whether competing at the highest level or leading a local ride, the riders we choose to represent Vitus love bikes as much as we do and are part of this wonderful, global community.

Kyle Strait embodies everything Vitus holds valuable. Kyle is friendly, approachable, and helpful toward other riders. His love for two wheels is palpable. His reputation is well earned and legitimate. His accomplishments on the bike are far reaching and among the highest echelon. As a two-time winner of Red Bull Rampage, World Cup Downhill racer, perennial podium threat in dual slalom, and accomplished slopestyle athlete – there isn’t much that Kyle hasn’t done. Ask anyone that knows Kyle though, and they’ll tell stories of a man that loves his family, friends, and the world of bikes. There simply was no better choice for Vitus.

New frame, same Kyle. From the Strait Acres Slalom Series to a bike park tour and elite global competition, Kyle Strait will be flying the Vitus flag all around the world. Kyle will be riding an Escarpe 275 as his go-to slalom rig. Additionally, look for him on the Dominer, E-Sommet, and Sentier this year. Kyle will also have his hand in designing several forthcoming models, injecting a bit of the Natty Daddy into the Vitus gravity line.

Kyle is not the only rider joining the Vitus Team this year. We’ve also curated a lineup of individuals that represent the heart of what we stand for across road, mountain and gravel riding. As the year progresses, look for a chance to get to know each of our newest riders individually. For now, give them a follow to see where their Vitus will take them.

  • Sami Gowdy (@samigowdy) – MTB and Gravel – Escarpe 29, E-Sommet, and Substance
  • Jessica Moore (@wildformoore) – MTB – Escarpe 29
  • Logan Brown (@brown.filmz) – MTB – Sommet 297 and E-Sommet
  • Carina Claassan (@carina_climbing) – MTB Race – Sommet 29 and Escarpe 29
  • Team Flicker Racing (@flicker.racing) – Road, Crit Race – ZX-1 EVO
  • Brooke Goudy (@brookegoudy) – Gravel Race – Substance and Something new for 2023
  • Karter Machen (@kartermachen) – Road and Gravel Race – An all-new platform for 2023

Vitus makes serious bikes for riders that don’t take themselves too seriously. This is punctuated by the fantastic individuals we’ve pulled together to represent the brand for 2023 and beyond. It is our intent that riders from all over will find someone in our crew that resonates and represents how they best enjoy bikes.

US customers can learn more about the line at US.VitusBikes.com. Everywhere else in the world, head directly to VitusBikes.com. With offices in the United States and United Kingdom, it’s never been easier to get a Vitus direct to your door.

Images of Kyle Strait and his Escarpe here as well as associated launch video here.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Kyle Smyth / c: 1.435.395.8301 / e: kyles@igtstudio.com


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At Vitus, we make extraordinary bikes for real riders, and we’ve been doing it for over 90 years. Vitus Bikes’ roots trace back to St. Etienne, France, where during the 1930s, Vitus made high-end steel tubing. In the 1970s and 1980s, Vitus innovated ground-breaking race frames with aluminum and lugged carbon and became one of the most desirable international racing frame brands. After a huge winning run with world champ Sean Kelly, Vitus was reborn in 2011 under new ownership in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Since then, Vitus has remained rooted in its heritage of cutting-edge frame design, working with the latest technologies and materials to create bikes that are ready to perform in any setting. By selling directly to riders and eschewing expensive elite sponsorship in favor of supporting local races, clubs, and events, we give the best and most accessible ride experience to as many riders as possible.