RunSignup Reports 2024 Technology Development Update

May 17, 2024

Moorestown, NJ /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – RunSignup, the leading registration and technology provider for races in the U.S., is excited to announce significant advancements in its platform, showcasing cutting-edge solutions for events in the United States. Highlighting recent technological strides for event organizers and timers within the endurance industry and adjacent ticketing, fundraising, and membership organizations, the company demonstrates its ongoing commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Race Website V2: Elevating Event Organization Platforms

A major milestone for RunSignup is the introduction of its unified website platform for Races, TicketSignup, GiveSignup, Membership Organizations, Partners, and Organizations. This advancement not only streamlines development processes but also ensures immediate access to new features across all platforms. RunSignup’s custom web builder features, free to its customers, surpass traditional solutions by specifically addressing events unique needs.

Next Gen Memberships: Empowering Membership Organizations

RunSignup’s Next Gen Membership system is now fully available and has experienced an impressive immediate adoption rate among existing clubs and new membership organizations with well over 200 organizations now using the new product. This new comprehensive solution empowers membership organizations with advanced tools such as custom web builder, organizational email solution, store waivers, and more. Membership organizations are provided with enhanced flexibility and control over membership levels, along with powerful tools for reporting and management.

GiveSignup Peer to Peer Fundraising: Driving Charitable Initiatives

RunSignup continues to enhance its fundraising platform, incorporating features like Donation E-Cards, Fundraiser Incentives, and Umbrella Teams, thanks to valuable input from its fundraising customers. These enhancements further support the needs of organizations raising funds and integrate seamlessly with RunSignup’s event registration platform.

Email V2 and Next Gen Invoicing: Streamlining Communication and Financial Operations

With the successful deployment of Email V2 and the rollout of Next Gen Invoicing capabilities, RunSignup empowers event organizers with modern communication tools and streamlined financial operations, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness across the board.

MTE Tickets Beta and Ticket Self Serve: Expanding Ticketing Functionality

RunSignup continually introduces new advancements for the ticketing space with its TicketSignup technology. The company’s Patent Pending Multiday Timed Entry (MTE) Ticket capability is now available in Beta release. RunSignup is in the process of deploying calendar-based interfaces across the dashboard to make it easy for customers to quickly manage their recurring events.

The company also rolled out Ticket Self Serve so that events can market up-sell items and services to ticket buyers, along with the ability to transfer tickets to a friend and import offline donations so they can show on their donation goal meters.

RaceDay Scoring and RaceJoy Streaming Data: Enhancing Event Experiences

The recent release of RaceDay Scoring V4 and the upcoming RaceJoy Real Time Data beta phase underscore the strategic approach to real-time data integration between products and functionality. The company continues to improve RaceDay Scoring as timers adopt its newer approach over legacy solutions. Recent development improvements focus on the unique needs of lap races, announcer features, and performance enhancements. RaceJoy will soon launch chip timing tracking in addition to its existing GPS tracking.

RaceDay CheckIn and Mobile Timing App V2: Optimizing Event Day Operations

Additional upcoming advancements include the integration of Membership features with the RaceDay CheckIn App and the refresh of RunSignup’s Mobile Timing App V2 that will include a refresh of the user interface and infrastructure improvements.

Development Improvement: Pioneering Progress

As part of its ongoing commitment to excellence, RunSignup continues to invest in technology that focuses on the continually changing and advancing needs of its customers. With a talented and experienced team at the helm, RunSignup is poised to continue its trajectory of success, delivering unparalleled technology solutions for events across the United States.

“As an employee-owned company, RunSignup strives to deliver technology that empowers its event customers through advanced, solution-based technology. We appreciate the trust placed in us by all our customers and remain dedicated to delivering the very best technology tailored to their needs,” said Bob Bickel, Founder and CEO of RunSignup.

About RunSignup

RunSignup, an employee owned company, is the leading event solution delivering the art of technology to endurance events and nonprofits. More than 28,000 events use our free and open platform to register 8 million annual participants, raise more than $2 Billion and grow their events. Our expertly crafted, open and all-in-one solution powers event revenue generation and supporter engagement through flexible registration, free event websites, free email marketing, integrated fundraising, and a suite of RaceDay tools. No subscriptions, no plans, no monthly fees.

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