ROLL Recovery Announces Partnership with Backcountry.com, Bringing Innovative Recovery Products to Outdoor Enthusiasts

May 19, 2023

ROLL Recovery Products Are Now Available On Backcountry’s Online Store

BOULDER, CO. (May 19, 2023)/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – ROLL Recovery, a leader in recovery and athletic performance and innovators of deep tissue massage therapy tools, is thrilled to announce the availability of its top-rated recovery products, including the patented R8 Plus on Backcountry.com, the premier online destination for outdoor gear and apparel.

This exciting partnership provides outdoor enthusiasts with a convenient one-stop shopping experience to gear up for their next adventure and take care of their bodies afterward.

“Partnering with Backcountry.com allows us to provide our unique recovery products to a wider audience of active individuals who appreciate the importance of maintaining their physical well-being,” said Jeremy Nelson, Founder of ROLL Recovery. “We’re confident that Backcountry.com customers will benefit from our high quality recovery tools, enabling them to perform at their best and explore the outdoors to the fullest.”

Backcountry.com is known for its vast selection of outdoor gear and commitment to providing customers with the best products for their adventures. With ROLL Recovery now available on the platform, customers can effortlessly find the perfect recovery tools to complement their active lifestyles.

The ROLL Recovery lineup of products available on Backcountry.com includes:

  • R8 Plus: ROLL Recovery’s flagship massage tool, encompasses a patented, hidden mechanism in the frame that features an adjustment dial, which reduces or increases the massage force as needed for the perfect feel.
  • R8: a deep tissue massage roller designed to provide targeted, self-myofascial release. The R8 effectively reduces muscle soreness and stiffness, increases circulation, and promotes overall recovery.
  • R1 Percussion: a device using the force of percussive therapy to improve blood circulation and range of motion. Built with the highest quality of materials and an unparalleled design it delivers a premium experience with its supremely quiet motor and long-lasting battery.
  • R4 Foam Roller: a next-level foam roller featuring a centered groove which is perfect for isolating and targeting specific spots and muscle groups like the upper and lower back, IT band and Achilles tendon.
  • R3 Orthopedic Foot Roller: the unique, non-symmetrical shape of the R3 was designed to target specific areas of the foot in order to stretch the plantar fascia and intrinsic foot muscles; and to add stability while rolling.
  • StretchMat: a foldable mat ideal for a pre-adventure activation session and/or post- adventure stretch & roll. It has a grippy bottom layer and is easy to fold and clean.

ROLL Recovery products are now available on Backcountry.com. To learn more about ROLL Recovery and its innovative product lineup, please visit www.rollrecovery.com.

About ROLL Recovery
Born in a garage in Boulder, Colorado, ROLL Recovery was created out of a need. The founders, inventor and mechanical engineer Jeremy Nelson and professional athlete Adriana Nelson, set out to create an effective massage tool that would replicate the hands of a massage therapist as much as possible. The company’s mission is to create exceptionally designed, functional tools, unlike anything else on the market, and mobile enough to use anywhere. ROLL Recovery’s massage and recovery tools, led by the flagship R8 Plus, are FDA Registered Medical Devices tested and inspired by elite athletes. The company stands by the values of integrity, hard work, and putting people above all else. ROLL Recovery’s work has earned them the 2022 Colorado Companies to Watch award. To keep up with the latest news from ROLL Recovery, follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and check out their blog.