Race Roster introduces their new resource kit for the inventory management tool

June 16, 2020

Resources to help you organize your event inventory this spring

London, ON (June 16, 2020) – Race Roster has launched their new resource kit for their inventory management tool. Their inventory management tool is built specifically for the endurance event industry to help event industry professionals organize and keep track of event equipment.

We’re all looking for ways to help pass some time this spring” says Brandon Laan, VP, Sales at Race Roster, “While we are isolated indoors, we’re encouraging many of our customers to take this opportunity to reorganize and overhaul their inventory records using our inventory management tool.”

Here’s a rundown of what can be accomplished with Race Roster’s inventory management tool:

  • Upload items– Upload items located in multiple locations, and keep track of all the important details.
  • Organize equipment and monitor conditions – Categorize items and log the condition of equipment as good, fair, or poor.
  • Bundle items with kits – Quickly reserve items commonly used together.
  • Create & view reservations– Track what items are needed and when in calendar or agenda view.
  • Create routes & drop points– Map out the placement of equipment, create drop points for crew members, and view its real-time location as you set up.

 Want to learn more?

Race Roster’s resource kit for the inventory management tool provides quick access to knowledge base articles, videos, and a deep-dive into the inventory management tool.

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