PKRS.AI launches new adaptive training program, powered by artificial intelligence.

September 10, 2020

A new $30/month service tier links endurance athletes to Myra, the artificial intelligence that powers the PKRS.AI training platform.

(Santa Monica, CA) PKRS.AI, the artificial intelligence-enabled holistic training platform for endurance athletes, today announced the addition of PKRS AI, a new service tier of its adaptive training program. Alongside their premium $90/month PKRS PRO offering, which involves human-led and adaptive AI coaching, the new PKRS AI $30/month subscription plan exclusively leverages Myra, the powerful artificial intelligence machine at the core of PKRS.AI.

Myra is the ultimate coaching mind, built with the input of Olympic Gold medalists, world champions, nutritionists, and their trainers. Myra is the perfect balance of technology with a human touch—designed to help athletes digest multiple aspects of their performance and take in user feedback to synthesize the best adaptive training plan possible. While other apps focus on workouts, PKRS.AI takes a broader look at fitness, incorporating dietary guidance, strength training, mental exercise, as well as disciplined workouts for cyclists, runners, triathletes, and more.

“PKRS.AI is the only app in the endurance space that uses AI to provide people with a personalized and adaptive plan using quantitative and qualitative data,” says PKRS.AI co-founder Sebastien De Jong. “The AI is now developed enough to stand alone, and we are very comfortable with the value provided to users.”

After several months of “learning,” Myra is ready to take the reins. Users of PKRS.AI simply input user information and goals, while documenting and “debriefing” every session with Myra, who then re-optimizes the training plan on a daily and weekly basis to account for nutrition, recovery, and training intensity.

The team behind Myra, PKRS.AI, founded the company with the intention of transforming human performance by creating accessible tools that empower individuals to achieve and maintain their peak. They first launched with a focus on creating a virtual, app-based coaching team for endurance athletes where every user had access to a human head coach, strength specialist, nutritionist, concierge, and the early iteration of Myra—the virtual brain that would tie the various inputs together and build the training program.

With the new AI-only offering, PKRS.AI is offering a bold step toward making advanced fitness technology available to and accessible for all. Learn more about the new PKRS AI plan as well as the entire PKRS.AI approach to AI-powered, human enhanced fitness at www.pkrs.ai.


PKRS.AI is the first Artificial Intelligence software developed – initially – for endurance athletes. Behind the app there is a powerful AI machine that delivers data-driven, holistic & continuous coaching, dramatically boosting people’s performance. Based in Santa Monica, CA, PKRS.AI is owned and operated by athletes to help build the future of performance tools and software.

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