Pho3nix Foundation Projects Support Thousands Globally

December 22, 2022

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – The Pho3nix Foundation celebrates a banner year of providing pathways for participation, progression, and performance in sport and making an impact on people and communities all around the world.

A not-for-profit that assists and inspires children to engage in sport, Pho3nix has expanded its footprint globally through flagship programs that follow the “Pathways – Progression – Professional” track.

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Pathways: Pho3nix Kids

As lockdowns ended, Pho3nix was there to provide avenues for kids to get outside, play and connect through participation in sport. It now provides its programs face-to-face at schools, workshops, and events across nine nations and four continents, supported by world and Olympic champions and Pho3nix ambassadors.

  • Pho3nix Active Schools – Poland’s largest inter-school competition grew participation by 100% and raised more than 220,000 Euros for charity
  • Pho3nix Kids Triathlons – 35 events across the UK, Spain, Switzerland, Australia and Thailand, thousands of kids participating in swim, bike, run
  • Free summer camps, workshops, and movement classes for underprivileged kids

Its online programs also continue to grow: its library contains more than 600 training videos for kids to exercise along with, shot in six different countries and six languages. And there’s more to come.

Pho3nix Foundation board member and MANA Global COO Wojciech Kruczynski says, “We are working on a new mobile application for 2023. This application will be a great tool for all the kids and for all our athletes to be able to connect together… That will be a game changer for us and for all our programs.”

Progression: Pho3nix Future and Pho3nix Athlete Programs

From a pilot camp in Switzerland in 2021, the Pho3nix Future Program expanded in 2022 to four held around the world: Australia, Poland, Thailand, and South Africa. They bridge Pathways and Professional, giving promising juniors the skills and tools they need to tread their respective paths to becoming professional athletes.

With 80 Pho3nix Future alumni and counting, expect to see these incredible talents spearheading sport into the future.

Heading into the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, Pho3nix provided much-needed support for 17 athletes representing 10 countries across eight sports. It was the second iteration of the Pho3nix Athlete Program following its success supporting 39 athletes for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Pho3nix has just opened applications for the Athlete Program intake for Paris 2024.

Professional: Sub7Sub8 and the Pho3nix Team

“Defy the Impossible” was the goal. On the 5th June 2022 at the Lausitzring race track in Germany, Pho3nix exploded expectations and put endurance sport on the map. Both men (Kristian Blummenfelt and Joe Skipper) and both women (Kat Matthews and Nicola Spirig) tasked to race and finish a full distance triathlon in under seven and eight hours respectively did so and made history in the process.

The landmark spectacle put the Pho3nix Foundation’s goals in front of a live audience of half a million people, with 2 million video views across social media and an Amazon Prime documentary shown on 50 global networks reaching 550 million people.

The Pho3nix Foundation also continued to inspire with the Pho3nix Team: 10 sporting superstars who lived the way of the Pho3nix rising above failure to create triumph through renewal, resilience, and passion.

Chris McCormack, Pho3nix Foundation board member and MANA Global CEO, explains the new thrust. “Pho3nix Foundation is about encouraging kids to participate in sport and be active. It’s finding ambassadors that are prepared to give back, who realize there’s a responsibility they have to pick up and bring the next generation of athletes along for the ride.”

Looking back on 2022 and toward 2023, there is so much done and much more to do. But the power of sport to change lives and communities for the better is one that Pho3nix Foundation founder and chairman Sebastian Kulczyk believes in. He says, “We want to ignite the flame for the next generation, using the vehicle of sport to help children dream, overcome and fulfill their potential.”


About Pho3nix Foundation

The Pho3nix Foundation is a not-for-profit with the sole purpose of assisting and inspiring children through sport. It sponsors the Pho3nix Team, an international team of elite athletes who embody the ideals of the Pho3nix: triumph over failure through revitalisation, resilience, and passion, becoming a symbol of hope and strength.

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