Oiselle Welcomes Megan Murray as Director of Marketing

May 31, 2016

Women’s Athletic Apparel Company Announces Director of Marketing

May 31, 2016 – Seattle, Washington – The women’s athletic apparel brand Oiselle is thrilled to welcome Megan Mackenzie Murray as Director of Marketing. Megan will join Founder & CEO Sally Bergesen, and President Atsuko Tamura, in designing the customer experience and leading multi-channel strategic growth.

Megan joins Oiselle after a meteoric career in marketing. Most recently, Megan was the Associate Director of Strategy at POSSIBLE, a global creative agency with headquarters in Seattle, where she led strategy for one of the network’s highest revenue and top growth accounts. In her tenure at POSSIBLE, she helped the firm have a record-setting awards season, with breakthrough work on accounts like Bacardi, Microsoft, and AT&T. Prior to that, Megan rapidly advanced to a leadership role at Havas Health, leading the digital group Havas Lynx as the VP of Strategy and Behavior Design. While at Havas Lynx, Megan led a portfolio of award winning work while scaling the strategy discipline to drive growth across the business.

Megan is a Seattle native. After graduating from University Prep High School, she headed to Stony Brook University in NY to pursue a degree in business with a scholarship to the school’s Division 1 soccer program. A center midfielder with a fierce work ethic, Megan’s career as an athlete has been fueled by a belief that the real work happens off the pitch. Megan’s love of business and brand strategy ultimately lured her to New York University where she finished her soccer career and graduated with a B.A. (joint Art History/Business) and a Master’s certificate in Advertising Strategy in 2009.

Megan’s experience as an athlete has fueled much of her professional career. “Goal-setting, discipline, confidence in yourself and others, resilience in the face of adversity – these are all skills I first learned through sport. The lessons we learn as athletes fuel our success in all the other areas of our lives.”

Specifically, running has played a critical role in her post-collegiate identity as an athlete, making her commitment to Oiselle both professional and personal.

“Running has played such an important role in my life. It’s been a vehicle for self-discovery, a practice of self-love, and an environment of learning and growth. When running, I feel both powerful and free. Connected to my tribe. Acknowledging both my value today and my potential tomorrow. Oiselle is a remarkable company because we go beyond celebrating the sport. We nurture and champion the relationships, experiences, and values that make it meaningful, and great. Helping Oiselle grow is a commitment to that mission and that relationship for all women in the sport,” says Megan.

Megan joins the company at a pivotal time to apply her business experience and strategic approach. Megan will build on Oiselle’s strong brand presence, which has grown organically through skilled use of social media and its strong and loyal community. Megan’s leadership will introduce new channels for Oiselle to reach more female athletes who have yet to hear about its quality product, the Volée community, and the company’s unique commitment to supporting professional and emerging elite athletes.

“Sally’s strategic brand vision and creative leadership coupled with Megan’s strategic marketing expertise is a unique mix of talent and skill that is going to be exciting for us. From my experience, the head of Marketing is one of the most important and yet challenging roles. It requires a special blend of marketing experience, organizational leadership, and the ability to be independent yet integrated. Megan is the ‘chef’ who will steward our brand in the right ways to grow our business,” says President Atsuko.

“In more ways than one, Oiselle is about team building, and fostering a sisterhood, inside and outside the company. Having Megan join us feels like landing a first round draft pick. Her professional background, her personal passion for athletics, and her art-meets-science marketing skills have already added to our momentum. I’m honored to have her join us at this pivotal time for the brand,” states Sally.

About Oiselle

Oiselle is an apparel company dedicated exclusively to the needs of women athletes. Based in Seattle, Washington and founded in 2007, Oiselle believes that athletic training and healthy competition help women of all ages increase their courage, confidence, community, and health. A French word for bird, Oiselle (pronounced wa-zell) alludes to athletic prowess and the feeling of freedom with flight, when the legs run fast and the heart goes free. Oiselle’s customer community not only appreciates the style-driven, functional apparel, but also the stance the company takes in support of women athletes in all walks of life.