Nuun Commits to Supporting Women in Triathlon with Sponsorships of Sarah True, Kayla Kobelin and the Smashfest Queen Team

January 24th, 2019

Nuun Commits to Supporting Women in Triathlon with Sponsorships of Sarah True, Kayla Kobelin and the Smashfest Queen Team

Sports Hydration Leader Partners with Professional Female Triathletes to Create Opportunities for Women in Sport

Seattle, WA January 24, 2019 – Today’s competitive landscape in the sport of women’s triathlon is unprecedented, as is the opportunity to support the next generation of female athletes. Nuun is committed to supporting the triathlon community and this legacy by way of its sponsorships of Sarah True, Kayla Kobelin and the Smashfest Queen Team. Nuun will be providing resources, including critical hydration and nutrition support, for these inspiring athletes and advocates across their training, racing, and recovery needs.

The journey to the top of any sport is extremely challenging, and excelling in three different disciplines presents a unique level of commitment and needs. “Nuun’s origin was to help solve hydration challenges for triathletes,” shared Kevin Rutherford Nuun President and CEO. “We are not only honored to provide optimal hydration products for these remarkable ladies but also to provide the resources to allow them to pursue their personal bests, and pave the way for other women in sport.”

Two time Olympian Sarah True made her IRONMAN™ Hawaii debut in 2018 as the first female American finisher and has her sights set on the Kona podium. True’s east coast grit propelled her to the top of the sport and her refreshing candor has made her a fan favorite. She is a catalyst for the next wave of American female long-course success, however her most meaningful impact on sport could be her vulnerability about her battle with depression and her advocacy for coping with mental wellness issues. “I’ve been dropping tabs for years and am thrilled to make the relationship with Nuun official,” shared Sarah True. “Their products do work really well for me, and it is exciting to be aligned with a partner committed to addressing the tougher topics in sport.”

The Smashfest Queen Team, led by former professional elite triathlete Hillary Biscay and avid amateur Michele Landry, exists to create a global community of women supporting each other through triathlon. Their Smashfest Queen Pro Team was created to help make it financially possible for deserving athletes to pursue careers in the sport. Beginning in 2019, the team has been re-named Team Smashfest Queen – Nuun, and is composed of Alyssa Godesky, Haley Chura, Kelly O’Mara, and Nicole Valentine. “We are very thankful for Nuun’s support of our hard-working ladies and our shared goals for gender equality in sport,” said Hillary Biscay. “The elevated commitment to our pro athletes means so much to us and we are delighted to co-brand the team with Nuun.”

As a former competitive obstacle course racer and ultra runner, and American Ninja Warrior contestant, Kayla Kobelin brings a diverse athletic background to triathlon. Since her first year in the sport in 2017, Kayla has risen to the top of the global amateur ranks and Nuun will be supporting her debut as a first-year professional. “Meeting the Nuun team in Kona I knew this was a brand I wanted to be a part of as I committed to racing full-time, “ added Kobelin. “We definitely share the same energy and motivation to get people moving, and I am really looking forward to their products, expertise and encouragement as I work to compete in the big leagues.”

Sarah, Kayla, and the Smashfest Queen Team will be training, racing, and recovering with the full line-up of Nuun hydration products. All athletes will be premiering Nuun’s newest product for endurance athletes, launching this spring, on the race circuit. In addition, they will work directly with Nuun’s sports nutrition and exercise physiology staff to optimize their hydration and fueling strategies for the specialized needs of performing at the highest levels of the sport. Nuun is also a partner off the course, and will be working with these athletes and teams to advocate for and amplify their individual causes, while working collectively to foster the next generation of inspiring female triathletes.

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Nuun is a hydration company with a mission to inspire more movement. Nuun electrolyte tablets and powders provide functional hydration products optimized for exercise, daily health, travel and immune support. Clean and Non-GMO Project verified ingredients, a refreshing taste and low sugar make Nuun a favorite amongst active consumers. Nuun products, like their tablets in their distinctive, colorful tubes, are convenient to carry and add to water, and are better for the environment than traditional bottled sports drinks. Consumers adding Nuun tablets to their reusable water bottles helped save the shipping of over 100 million pounds of water in 2018 alone. 15-year-old Nuun is the #1 selling sports drink supplement brand in running, cycling, outdoor and natural foods stores. The Seattle based company’s culture and mission have been recognized by Outside Magazine, who named Nuun to its’ 2017 and 2018 ‘Best Places to Work’ lists. To learn more, visit or follow them at @nuunhydration and #nuunlife.

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Nuun Commits to Supporting Women in Triathlon with Sponsorships of Sarah True, Kayla Kobelin and the Smashfest Queen Team

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