New CADEX Max 40 WheelSystem, Race GC Tire, Integrated Handlebars Expand Line of Race- Proven Components

February 22, 2024

All-new ultralight aerodynamic wheelset, performance tires and integrated bars are engineered for speed, handling, and efficiency

February 22, 2024/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – CADEX, a leading brand of high-performance cycling products, introduced several important additions to its expanding collection of road components including its lightest-ever performance wheelset, the Max 40 WheelSystem.

The CADEX Max 40 WheelSystem is designed for lightweight efficiency, while also providing lab-test proven aerodynamic advantages. Weighing less than 1250 grams, it is the lightest high-performance WheelSystem ever created by CADEX. Also included in the new offerings is the CADEX Race GC Tire with its 240 TPI Supple Race Casing, an ideal complement to the Max 40 WheelSystem, and a pair of integrated stem-and-bar combinations positioned as the perfect upgrades to any elite rider’s cockpit.

Even with its generous 22.4mm inner rim width and 40mm depth, the Max 40 WheelSystem weighs just 1249g and delivers best-in-class stiffness-to-weight ratio. At the center of this weight savings and efficient power transfer are ultra-stiff CADEX Super Aero carbon spokes seamlessly integrated into a thin aero hub flange. In tests against other top wheels in its category, the Max 40 showed significantly greater front and rear wheel stiffness than the Lightweight Obermayer EVO and Syncros Capital SL. The Max 40’s overall weight combined with its high lateral stiffness also puts it ahead of both competitors in stiffness-to-weight tests, while its broad 22.4mm inner rim width creates a seamless interface between the rim wall and the Race GC Tire’s sidewall for an optimized aerodynamic profile. The lightweight efficiency of the CADEX Max 40 WheelSystem makes it the wheel of choice for the climbers and general classification contenders from Team Jayco AlUla in 2024

“With the Max 40 WheelSystem we’ve designed the best all-rounder road wheel CADEX has ever produced,” said Jeff Schneider, Global Head of Product and Marketing for CADEX. “It’s a wheel that is equally at home in crosswinds as on steep mountain climbs. The 40mm rim depth and 22.4mm inner width lands the perfect balance for a performance road wheel, adding stability and comfort with class leading stiffness-to-weight to an ideal aero profile.”

The new CADEX Race GC is a lightweight tubeless performance tire that balances a smooth ride and cornering in equal measure. Its 240 TPI Supple Race Casing combines increased rolling efficiency, with proven Race Shield puncture protection and weighs in at just 279 grams. CADEX’s proven RR-S compound and a micro-profile shoulder provide reliable grip across varied conditions.

The CADEX Aero Integrated and CADEX Race Integrated handlebars are both lightweight, fully integrated carbon stem-and-bar combinations that improve aerodynamics with sleek internal cable routing. The 325g Aero Integrated handlebar (420mm x 100mm), which features a more flattened top section and longer reach, is designed for absolute speed, while the 256g Race Integrated bar (420mm x 100mm), with its more oval-shaped top section and increased flare, is purpose-built for control and efficiency on long, hilly days when every gram counts. Both are available in 16 different sizes and feature an out-front computer mount. The Aero Integrated bar is compatible with 1-1/4” and 1-1/8” and Giant OverDrive Aero steerer tubes (with included carbon shims) while the Race Integrated bar is available in 1-1/8” and Giant OverDrive Aero compatible configurations.

Team Jayco AlUla rider Michael Matthews won an uphill sprint at the inaugural Gran Premio Castellón using the CADEX Aero Integrated handlebar — his second race day of 2024 and his first victory using the new integrated aero bar-and-stem combination.

“It’s always nice to start off the season with a win, especially on this new CADEX Aero bar,” Matthews said. “I love the longer reach and it’s plenty stiff to handle all the torque I put into it during that sprint.”

All four new CADEX performance road products be available soon in select markets worldwide.

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Maximum Power

CADEX Super Aero carbon spokes are set at a wider bracing angle and seamlessly integrated into thin aero hub flanges to deliver best-in-class stiffness and make the most of every watt put into the drivetrain.

Best in Class

High-tensile-strength carbon fiber Super Aero bladed spokes, with hidden nipples and independent internal spoke tension adjustment, are integrated into ultralight carbon hub flanges, bringing the CADEX Max 40 to just 1247 grams for the set and putting it ahead of key competitors in stiffness-to-weight testing.

Hookless Technology

Hookless rim technology features a continuous carbon fiber structure with an increased rim bead width of up to 3.8mm on each side, creating a rounder tire shape for superior support, grip, and handling

240 TPI Supple Race Casing

A re-engineered 240 TPI casing featured in the CADEX Race GC tire uses fewer layers to reduce friction with road surface, resulting in an 18% decrease in rolling resistance compared to previous model tires.

Fully Integrated

Both the CADEX Aero Integrated and Race Integrated handlebars improve aerodynamics and offer a sleek cockpit with full internal cable routing.

Longer Reach

Narrower width between the hoods and an 80mm reach on the CADEX Aero Integrated bar helped put Team Jayco AlUla rider Michael Matthews into position for an early-season victory at the inaugural Gran Premio Castellón.

Modern Geometry

With an innovative design featuring 11-degree flare at the drops and narrower width at the hoods, the CADEX Race Integrated bar keeps things aero while providing increased stability and control when sprinting, attacking, and descending.