1,000 athletes to ride and race at the Culpeper Endurance Festival, Aug. 5-6

August 1st, 2017

Three events are scheduled, including the third-annual Culpeper Gran Fondo cycling event

CULPEPER, Virginia — About 1,000 athletes will descend upon the sleepy Virginia town of Culpeper for a weekend of endurance sports.

Scheduled for Aug. 5-6, the Culpeper Endurance Festival will include a gran fondo cycling event and two triathlons. A gran fondo is a non-timed, group bike ride along a marked route. 2017 marks the third-annual Culpeper Gran Fondo. The Culpeper Sprint Triathlon dates back to 2005.

Information about each of the three events on the schedule:

  • Culpeper Gran Fondo, Aug. 5: Cyclists can choose from 32-, 62-, and 100-mile routes. Start times are 7 a.m. for the 62- and 100-mile rides and 7:30 a.m. for the 32-mile ride.
  • Culpeper International, Aug. 6: 1,500-meter swim, 24-mile bike, 10-kilometer run. 7:30 a.m. start.
  • Culpeper Sprint, Aug. 6: 750-meter swim, 16-mile bike, 5-kilometer run. 8 a.m. start.
  • All types of bikes are welcome for all events.
  • Each event starts and finishes in Culpeper’s Mountain Run Lake Park.
  • The Gran Fondo traverses rolling country roads that wind through horse country, farmland, forests, trout streams, and vineyards.
  • The bike courses for the triathlons follow some of the same roads, while the run courses go through the park and navigate though nearby neighborhoods.
  • Swimming in Mountain Run Lake is a peaceful experience in crystal clear water that has historically been in the low- to mid-80s.

“This is the 13th year for the Culpeper Triathlon and as always, we are grateful to be part of such a wonderful community that supports these events,” Virginia-Maryland Triathlon Series owner Greg Hawkins said. “With the Blue Ridge Mountains forming the backdrop of the race and a great town to explore, what else can one ask for?”

DuCard Vineyards will host the mile 25 rest stop on the 62- and 100-mile gran fondo courses. Mountain Run Winery will host a pre-triathlon party the night of Aug. 5 and will provide awards wine for the two triathlons.

For videos of past Culpeper Gran Fondos and Triathlons, click here: bit.ly/2ujzQzY.

For more information about the Culpeper Endurance Festival, visit vtsmts.com/culpeper.


About the Virginia-Maryland Triathlon Series

With 32 events on the 2017 calendar, the Virginia-Maryland Triathlon Series is the largest racing series on the East Coast. The Virginia Triathlon Series began in 2005 and the Maryland Triathlon Series was born in 2009. They were merged six years later. For more information, visit vtsmts.com.


Greg Hawkins, Owner

Jason Devaney, Head of Communications

Virginia-Maryland Triathlon Series

1,000 athletes to ride and race at the Culpeper Endurance Festival, Aug. 5-6

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