Lyric Introduces First-of-its-Kind On-Device Video Guidance

December 8, 2021

The therapeutic massager takes the guesswork out of wellness with new on-demand content feature

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Dec. 8, 2021 /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – The innovators behind the Lyric, the revolutionary Wi-Fi-enabled therapeutic massager, debuted its latest groundbreaking feature: full-color, on-device video guidance. Now, with one simple software update, anyone with a Lyric massager can access new free, guided content, starting with a hand/arm therapy created by Dr. Jena Gatses, PT, DPT, LMT, SFMA, CSCS, physical therapist to some of the biggest names in sports and Hollywood.

The on-device video guidance is delivered via the Lyric’s full-color touchscreen – a unique feature not offered by any other percussion massager – eliminating the need to juggle the device with a phone or tablet and creating a more personalized experience that allows users to truly focus and be in the moment. Those interested in learning more have the ability to access educational bonus content including tips and a deeper explanation of techniques via a quick scan of a QR code that directs them to expert curated content.

Dr. Jena provides more than simple massage instructions, including her foundational wellness approach, thoughts on how often and when to use the therapy, tips on which attachment to use and why, how to interpret the sensations one might experience during the massage, how to handle sensitive “hot spots,” and greater explanation of how to stimulate and activate one’s nervous system with the Lyric to accelerate benefits.

There are many features that make the Lyric different than any other massager on the market, one of the most exciting being its Wi-Fi connectivity, which means the device will never become outdated. With the ability to regularly download new software, therapies and content, the Lyric continues to evolve to offer users a more personalized self-care experience that meets them on their wellness journey. This latest software update answers the needs of consumers craving guidance on how to use massage devices most effectively in an easy-to-follow and engaging video experience.

“This new content is a reflection of Lyric’s wellness philosophy, which is predicated on connecting mind and body to achieve wellness results more quickly and meaningfully,” said Lyric’s Chief Innovation Officer Dav Rauch. “Just massaging your muscles only touches the surface of potential benefits. To get to deeper pain relief and relaxation, you must stimulate your nervous system. This isn’t hard to do, but it is something we all need a little help to do. The purpose of this guidance is to create intuitive and convenient ways for people to better understand how to use the technology to accomplish their goals. And, it’s just the beginning. Our vision is to offer a variety of wellness coaches with different philosophies, approaches and areas of expertise, so Lyric users can form connections to the coach that feels right for them.”

The new guided hand/arm therapy is available starting today and is the first of many free guided therapies that will launch over the coming months from Dr. Jena, as well as other leading experts in fields spanning pain relief, mobility, relaxation, sleep and mental wellness. Also coming soon is the Lyric app that will offer access to a much broader library of therapies and experiences to help users better customize their wellness based on their own needs and goals. Updates are and will remain free for Lyric users, however there are plans to launch a premium subscription-based option as early as 2022. Between now and the end of the year, those interested in elevating their experience with the pending subscription can purchase a Lyric and never get charged for access to premium content.

The Lyric therapeutic massager is available at ExperienceLyric.com and at select retailers including Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, Meijer, REI and Target. Join the Lyric wellness movement and stay up to date on new offerings including the Lyric app (coming soon) by following @ExperienceLyric across social media. Direct media inquiries and interview requests to Bryanna St. Pierre at bstpierre@webershandwick.com and Jessica Boyle at Jess@ExperienceLyric.com.

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