Lectric eBikes Unveils a New Commuter eBike, the Lectric ONE

March 12, 2024

Makers of America’s #1 best-selling eBike introduce their first eBike with Pinion and Gates technology

PHOENIX (March 12, 2024)/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ –Lectric eBikes, 2023’s best-selling eBike company in America, today announced the launch of the Lectric ONE, its most high-tech eBike to date. Providing Lectric riders with a new level of innovation for the first time ever, the Lectric ONE is the culmination of partnerships with two of the most important leaders of the automotive industries, Pinion, makers of industry-leading gearboxes modeled after proven automotive transmission technology that offer unparalleled shifting performance, and the Gates Corporation, a global leader in belt drive technologies and makers of the Gates Carbon Drive. The Lectric ONE is now available for pre-order for $1,999.

The Lectric ONE is designed and built for riders who want the durability of a commuter bike combined with world-class technology, including the Pinion gearbox and the Gates Carbon Drive belt system, that makes daily riding easier than ever before. With Pinion’s Smart.Shift technology, push-button electronic shifting gives riders the ability to experience the ease and quickness of automotive driving dynamics. Like paddle shifters in a sports car, Pinion’s Smart.Shift allows the rider to shift quickly and intuitively.

With the Gates Carbon Drive belt, the Lectric ONE is nearly maintenance-free with a carbon fiber-reinforced belt providing a chainless drivetrain that’s clean, quiet, smooth, and strong. The automotive-grade belt lasts longer than standard chains, doesn’t rust or require lubricant, runs smoother, and provides a quieter and more reliable ride. Gates is an industry leader, offering its drivetrain expertise to the automotive, industrial, and engine-powered world for more than 100 years.

“The technology built into this bike is going to appeal to serious commuters, and the maintenance-free aspect that comes along with that tech will excite everyday riders,” said Lectric eBikes CEO and cofounder, Levi Conlow. “And no other bike on the market has this level of world-class technology at such a low price.”

Conlow continued: “We’re committed to bringing great design and the latest tech to our diverse community of riders, and our ongoing partnerships with such industry leaders as Pinion and Gates will help us continue to be the most popular eBike brand in America.”

The Pinion C1.6i gearbox is the pinnacle of engineering mastery powered with Pinion’s proprietary Smart.Shift. A Pre.Select feature automatically sets the rider’s gears, allowing effortless auto-shifts while coasting, upshifting downhill, and downshifting uphill. A convenient Start.Select feature lets riders dictate their starting gear, allowing for split-second starts when the light turns green or to jump into a bike lane. The necessity for maintenance is nearly non-existent with the enclosed, weather-sealed gearbox that eliminates frequent drivetrain adjustments and lubrication.

“We are very excited to partner with Lectric eBikes to introduce the Pinion Smart.Shift technology to a broad customer base in America,” said Pinion General Manager Thomas Raith. “We are proud to offer our German engineering and manufacturing quality paired with an established North American service structure. Thanks to our long-term partnership with the specialists at VPL in Paonia, Colorado, we are able to provide straightforward and direct Pinion service for all our products in the USA and Canada.”

In addition to the functionality of the Pinion gearbox and the Gates Carbon Drive belt, each comes with versatile apps that are downloadable on mobile devices. With the brand-new Pinion Smart.Shift App, the shifting behavior and the individual starting gear as well as the appropriate cadence can be predefined quickly and easily. The assignment of the shift buttons can also be individually adapted to the rider’s needs. The Gates Carbon Drive app is used to measure belt tension sonically. The belt can be plucked like a guitar string while the app uses the microphone on a mobile device to read the vibration frequency. Riders refer to an included chart within the app to determine if tension adjustments are needed.

“Gates Carbon Drive pioneered bicycle belt drive systems over 17 years ago, and we are proud to bring our product legacy to the Lectric ONE commuter,” said Chris Vasiliotis, Global Business Development Manager, Gates Corporation. “Gates worked closely with Lectric’s product team to design a system specific to the Lectric ONE application, leveraging some of our newest belt technology and providing the ultimate Lectric commuting experience. Lectric has been instrumental in helping introduce people to the joy and utility of riding an eBike and we are ecstatic to have helped them continue their goal of bringing world-class tech to everyday riders.”

The Lectric ONE is powered by Lectric’s 750-watt Stealth M24 rear hub motor technology. As the lightest eBike with a 750-watt motor, the Lectric ONE boasts the highest power-to-weight ratio of any eBike ever, offering lightning-fast starts and quick acceleration. In addition, the Lectric ONE features a backlit, heads-up color LCD display, 180mm hydraulic disc brakes, a brake-activated taillight, and 20-inch by 2.5-inch tires equipped with 3mm Hippo Skin with an Aramid Floc Breaker, and Shark Skin Protection on the sidewall for pinch-flat protection. Also, during the pre-order launch phase, the Lectric ONE comes equipped standard with front and rear fenders, a headlight for visibility, and a rear rack. The Lectric ONE ships for free and requires only one minute tool-free assembly.

The Lectric ONE has two battery options, including a 10.4Ah and a 14Ah lithium-ion battery. The 10.4Ah battery provides approximately 45 miles on a single charge and the 14Ah battery provides approximately 60 miles. The Lectric ONE is also certified to UL 2849, a bi-national accredited consensus standard for the U.S. and Canada that covers micromobility devices like eBikes and takes a holistic electrical system approach to the safety of battery packs and battery management systems to minimize the potential risks associated with battery usage. The standard includes the battery cell, battery pack, electric motor, and battery charger.


About Lectric eBikes

Lectric eBikes is one of the fastest growing electric bike companies in the nation, selling more than 400,000 eBikes in just four years. The company is known for its dedication to producing quality products at affordable prices. Its flagship XPTM models are exceptionally designed so that everyone can ride, delivering all the high-quality features of an elite eBike, offered at an industry-shattering low price. More information is available at lectricebikes.com.

About Pinion

Pinion was founded in 2008 by the two former Porsche-engineers Christoph Lermen und Michael Schmitz. Their vision was to develop a ‘bicycle shifting system with the heart of a sports car’. Every Pinion gearbox is “Made in Germany” – development, design, construction, serial production, sales and service all happen at the company’s modern headquarters in Denkendorf, near Stuttgart in Southern Germany. The Pinion team is comprised of over 100 permanent employees. Pinion supplies over 100 well-known bicycle manufacturers worldwide. As part of the BRP Group, Pinion works closely with globally active companies in the fields of e-mobility and powersport and actively promotes its own internationalization. www.pinion.eu

About Gates

Gates Corporation is a leading manufacturer of application-specific fluid power and power transmission solutions. At Gates, we are driven to push the boundaries of materials science to engineer products that continually exceed expectations. If it runs, Gates can help it run better. We’re Gates global leaders in power transmission and fluid power products and services. We serve customers across industries, bringing relentless innovation, and uncompromising quality to every product we make. Our reputation is built on over a century of experience, but everything we do is geared toward powering the future.


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