Leadville Race Series Podcast Grit, Guts and Determination Now Available

September 18, 2021

Cole Chlouber, son of Leadville Race Series Co-Founder Ken Chlouber, hosts the enriching podcast about the magic of racing in Leadville for nearly 4 decades

LEADVILLE, Colo., Sept. 18 2021 – Life Time, the premier healthy lifestyle brand, today announced the launch of Grit, Guts and Determination: The Leadville Race Series Podcast. Hosted by Cole Chlouber, son of Leadville Race Series co-founder Ken Chlouber, each episode highlights inspirational, historical, and transformative experiences that comprise the Leadville Race Series. The podcast will bring the races, held close to the hearts of athletes across the world, to life through storytelling and impactful interviews.

Born and raised in Leadville, Cole Chlouber has had a front-row seat to the growth and boom of the world-renowned run and mountain bike events. He has incredible shared experiences with the athletes who have ventured to the highest-elevated town in the U.S. over the years: training, racing, finishing—and at times failing to finish—both the 100-mile run and ride races. Cole’s perspective is shaped most by the reverence he has for the transformative effect the Leadville Race Series has had on the ‘every-woman and every-man’ athlete, which Life Time also serves through its expansive portfolio of athletic events.

“The town of Leadville and the Leadville Race Series events have shaped my life,” said Chlouber, who joined Life Time as a team member when the company acquired the Leadville Race Series in 2010. “These races are so much more than competitive endurance events – they literally transform people’s lives, and the community that has been created is a powerful one that my father and Merilee are so fond of. Now, I am excited to step in and shine the spotlight on some of these amazing athletes and on the townspeople of Leadville.”

The podcast also focuses on stories from the people in the communities that have grown around the Leadville 100 run and ride race events, as well as local figures and the essence of the town itself. Chlouber’s interviewees will discuss tips and tricks to get listeners to the start line ready to ‘Dig Deep’ for the Leadville Race Series events.

Episodes of the Grit, Guts and Determination podcast presented by Life Time will be available anywhere you get your podcasts, and the first eight episodes are available now. Chlouber’s founding shows include a two-part series with his father, Ken. In these must-listen kick-off episodes, listeners will hear firsthand a father-son talk about the true inception of the Leadville Race Series, from the co-founder himself.

Current episodes include:

  • 6/22: “Race Founder Ken Chlouber Tells the Leadville Story – Part 1”
  • 6/23: “Race Founder Ken Chlouber Tells the Leadville Story – Part 2”
  • 6/25: “Meet Leadville’s Leading Lady, Merilee Maupin”
  • 7/6: “Meet Carl Miller, He’s a 5th Generation Leadville Resident and was Instrumental in Launching the Leadville Trail 100”
  • 7/20: “Meet Donna Marie Provenzano, Part-Time Twin Lakes Dam Resident, Full-Time Mom & Multi-Year Finisher”
  • 8/10: “Meet Tamira Jenlink, your new Leadville Race Series Race Director!”
  • 8/24: “Meet Leadville Mayor Greg Labbe”
  • 9/7: “Meet Born To Run Star Barefoot Ted McDonald and Hear About His Big Wave Philosophy of Running and How That Journey Brought Him to Leadville”

To learn more about the Grit, Guts and Determination podcast and to subscribe, please visit Leadville Race Series podcast page for episode previews, guest profiles and more information about the topics covered in each episode.

For more information, please visit https://www.leadvilleraceseries.com/.

The Leadville Race Series is owned and produced by Life Time, the premier healthy lifestyle brand. The Leadville Race Series is among more than 30 premier athletic events owned and produced by the company across the nation, which also operates more than 155 athletic resorts and spas in the U.S. and Canada. Life Time strives to produce exceptional event experiences for both participants and spectators as an extension of its Healthy Way of Life philosophy.

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