iTAB – the Perfect Christmas Gift for Runners, Swimmers and Triathlon lovers!

October 1, 2019

What do you buy Marathon-lovers, Open Water Swimmers and Triathlon addicts for Christmas? An iTAB, of course!

What do you buy Marathon-lovers, Open Water Swimmers and Triathlon addicts for Christmas? An iTAB, of course! This small plate fits perfectly into a recess on the back of the finisher medal or is secured onto the ribbon with a custom-made buckle. Laser engraved with the athlete’s name and finish time – the iTAB is a fantastic way for them to show off their skills and dedications, forever more!

iTAB work with over 500 races across the globe to personalize medals, so that runners can remember their journey for years to come. But did you know, you can also order iTABs for past races? Fantastic for folk who have accumulated so many medals and want to remember their hard-earned finish times.

Also, for those who put themselves out of their comfort zone to complete a solo challenge. We believe grit and determination should be celebrated!

Managing Director, Ceri Philpott, comments: “iTAB help to bring participants’ hard-earned medals to life and make their races even more memorable! For those medals that don’t have a dedicated area for an iTAB, our personalized ribbon buckle looks sleek and stylish…perfect for all races! This is a Christmas gift for all ages and one that will certainly stand the test of time!”

iTABs can be ordered here: https://www.itab.us.com/product/a-ribbon-buckle-for-any-event/


About iTAB
We believe “Every Race Tells a Story…” The iTAB is a simple, yet innovative, product which transforms a conventional finisher medal into YOUR personal finisher medal.

Founded nine years ago, the iTAB is now enjoyed by over a million happy athletes across the globe – enabling them to personalise and commemorate their medal with their name and a unique finishing time, creating a memory that will last forever!

We’ve partnered with 500+ races globally, offering a seamless service to enhance a participant’s race day experience and generate income for organisers. Globally we work with the largest marathon, 12K, triathlon and fun run; along with the largest OCR race series USA, 10-mile road race and 15K road race.

In the UK we are proud to work with the largest running & swimming event series.