International Athletes Gather in Orlando to take on Ultraman Florida Triathlon

February 3, 2017

46 competitors will attempt to complete the 321.6 miles endurance event

ORLANDO, Fla. — On February 17, 18 and 19, 46 athletes from across the state, country and world will come together to compete in and complete the Ultraman Florida triathlon. This unique and challenging endurance sporting event covers a total time of three days and a total distance of 321.6 miles (517.5 kilometers), around central Florida. Each participant must complete a 6.2 mile (10 K) open water swim, a 263 mile (423 K) bike ride, and a 52.4 mile (84 K) ultra-marathon run. Invitations for participation are exclusive and limited to highly qualified and seasoned athletes who apply. Only 50 solo entries can be awarded by the Application Review Committee. This year’s diverse field of athletes, spanning 12 countries and 42 years from youngest to oldest, include:

  • Jessica Anderson, 27, USA
  • Delia Banus Pedreny, 36, Spain
  • Toni Barstis, 50, USA
  • Shannon Callies, 47, USA
  • Ricardo Caraveo, 50, Mexico
  • Juan Bautista Castilla Arroyo, 33, Spain
  • Alberto Cendrero Nieto, 30, Spain
  • Kevin Compayre, 55, Bravery
  • Amy Craft, 40, USA
  • Tim Cronk, 54, USA
  • Bill Deegan, 42, USA
  • Lawrence Doruelo, 25, USA
  • Marc Galietta, 44, USA
  • Connie Glueck, 52, USA
  • David Hainish, 32, Canada
  • Jamie Harris, 40, USA
  • Daniel Jensen, 67, USA
  • Juanma Jordan-Saiz, 42, Puerto Rico
  • Mary Latza, 39, USA
  • Roger Lacaci, 36, Spain
  • Mauricio Manjarrez, 41, Mexico
  • Rebba Manmadh, 38, India
  • Bojan Maric, 47, Serbia
  • Toni Marsal, 36, Spain
  • Alessandro Medeiros, 46, Brazil
  • Abhishek Mishra, 30, India
  • Juan Pablo Montes Barrientos, 37, Bolivia
  • Tim Poydenis, 32, USA
  • Patil Prithviraj, 27, India
  • Jonathan Puchalski, 44, USA
  • Marc Puig Amiel, 29, Spain
  • Juan Luis Quero Guerrero, 45, Spain
  • Kaustubh Radkar, 34, India
  • Tom Regal, 49, USA
  • Rogelio Rocha Galvin, 39, Mexico
  • Mauricio Salazar, 36, Colombia
  • Andrew Schouten, 25, Canada
  • Fiona Siemelink, 50, South Africa
  • Marc Siques Llagostera, 34, Catalonia
  • Milind Soman, 51, India
  • Clayton Anderson Souza, 36, Brasil/Italy
  • Steffi Steinberg, 35, Germany
  • Ryan Toner, 34, USA
  • Diego Villarias, 31, Mexico
  • Thomas Waniewski, 46, USA

The 6.2 mile (10 km), 1 loop swim is in the fresh water lakes of the Conway Chain. The water temperature is around 65 degrees Fahrenheit this time of the year. With a maximum depth of 30 feet and average depth of 8 feet, the chain has some of the clearest water in Florida with hard sand bottom and beds of eelgrass, peppergrass and hydrilla scattered offshore.

The 263 mile (423 km) bike segment is broken down into two stages. Stage 1 follows the swim and consists of a 92 miles (148 km) bike ride. Due to the loop swim, the Stage 1 bike will start from the swim start / finish. The flat, fast ride will head south to the City of St. Cloud and ends in Cocoa, Florida at the Lone Cabbage Fish Camp. The 171 miles (275 km) Stage 2 starts from Cocoa, Florida and heads through scenic towns of Christmas, Sanford, Mount Dora and through the “Gems of the Hills” of Clermont, where world-class triathletes have made it their home. The ride will end in Oakland, FL, a charming, one-hundred plus year old historic town in the heart of Central Florida. For detailed info, see the bike course maps.

The 52.4 mile (84.3 km) double-marathon starts from South Lake Trail in Clermont, FL and ends in the beautiful town of Windermere, Florida, known for its beautiful lakes and canopy of ancient oak trees. The run course will vary from flat to rolling hills with a mix of asphalt and dirt road.

To be selected to participate, an applicant must show they are prepared for the feat that awaits them at our event. Applicants must have a history of successfully competing in endurance races and it is preferred that they have completed an Iron distance race within 18 months of the race they are applying for. Participants must be well supported. Due to the length and nature of the event, it is mandatory that athletes have a support team of at least two adult persons, but not more than four, and no more than one vehicle/automobile may accompany each athlete throughout all stages of the event.

To learn more about Ultraman Florida, visit Connect with Ultraman Florida on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.



Ultraman Florida is an annual triathlon held in and around Orlando, FL. The 2017 event will be begin on February 17. The 321.6 mile challenge takes place over three days as athletes compete to complete this tremendous distance in the water, on the bike and on foot. Ultraman Florida is one of three Ultraman Races across the world including Hawaii and Australia. Applications to participate open in March of each year. To learn more about Ultraman Florida, visit Connect with Ultraman Florida on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.