INFINIT Nutrition Introduces Custom Protein Recovery

January 6, 2020

The Original Custom Nutrition Company is revolutionizing sports nutrition again with customized protein and recovery blends tailored to the individual consumer.

Cincinnati, OH, January 6, 2020 INFINIT Nutrition, a sports nutrition company that revolutionized the industry with its patented lineup of custom-blended nutrition solutions, has unveiled a brand new Custom Protein Recovery online platform and premium product line.

Since its inception 15 years ago, INFINIT has been a world leader in creating customized, all-in-one isotonic solutions designed to both hydrate and eliminate the need for any gels, salt pills or extra food to fuel the world’s most demanding endurance sports. The launch of a Custom Protein Recovery platform, with the ability to create personalized protein blends for each individual, is a natural progression for the company already established at the forefront of the custom nutrition movement.

INFINIT has an established reputation for providing the highest quality products made with the cleanest and most premium ethically sourced ingredients in the world. The Custom Protein Recovery platform allows consumers to build their very own handcrafted protein powder made with premium nutrition-packed ingredients, and absolutely no fillers, preservatives, thickeners or artificial sweeteners. The consumer can choose from four different protein sources, three carb and calorie levels, as well as flavor and flavor strength.

Renowned for its high-quality whey protein formulas, INFINIT has expanded its offerings with a plant-based, vegan-friendly protein blend, as well as a keto and paleo-friendly egg white protein. Further customization is possible by adding various “Boosts,” including additional amino acids, natural antioxidants, and a variety of other nutraceuticals.

INFINIT Custom Protein blends provide essential nutrition after workouts, as a meal supplement, or as a simple nighttime recovery. Customizing a protein formula to the individual’s needs allows for anybody — be it a professional athlete or someone just looking to stay in shape — to maximize recovery and build lean muscle.

“The idea that a pre-made protein in a jug is going to be a better solution than one created specifically for the unique needs of the individual is kind of silly,” Michael Folan, INFINIT Founder and CEO explains. “Every single person is unique and different. Some want higher carbs, some want vegan-friendly. Some want lots of flavor, others want none. We give our customers the ability to create the perfect protein solution for their own personal unique needs.”

With recent market trends focusing on recovery strategies, in addition to the burgeoning popularity of protein powders, the demand for alternative protein products that fit a variety of diets and lifestyles has surfaced. INFINIT Nutrition saw that this newly emerging consumer need was one that they could easily satisfy with their unique expertise and custom formulation capabilities.

INFINIT Custom Protein customization options include:

  • Level of calories and carbohydrates
  • Amount and choice of four different premium protein sources
  • Choice of all-natural flavor with adjustable flavor intensity
  • Boost the blend with additives, including natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds like tart cherry and curcumin, as well as healthy fats, creatine and more.

INFINIT Custom Protein is available for purchase online using the easy step-by-step platform. Custom Protein blends come in three package size options: 5 serving bag starting at $22.95, 12 serving bag starting at $42.95, and 25 serving bag starting at $62.95 (best value). INFINIT also offers one-on-one nutritional consultations with its team of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists to help customers create their own mix to perfectly meet their needs.

About INFINIT Nutrition

INFINIT Performance Nutrition specializes in providing customizable nutrition-solutions that naturally maximize the performance of athletes worldwide. INFINIT’s unique customizable system gives athletes the ability to design their own sports fuel formulas, made with all-natural ingredients, to their exact specifications. Developed with the patented Osmo-FITTM system, INFINIT products and formulas are designed to be isotonic and easy to digest, even in the most grueling conditions. For more information about INFINIT Nutrition, visit infinitnutrition.com or on social media @theinfinitloop.