INFINIT Nutrition Announces 2021 Team INFINIT Elite Roster

April 8, 2021

The 2021 team is comprised of 20 elite athletes that will represent INFINIT throughout the year in their athletic endeavors.

Cincinnati, OH, April 8, 2021 – INFINIT Nutrition, the original all-in-one custom sports drink company is pleased to announce its 2021 Team INFINIT Elite roster. Seventeen athletes are returning from the 2020 roster with three new members joining the team for 2021 including Olympian and professional triathlete, Ben Kanute along with professional mountain bikers, Ryan Petry and Alexey Vermeulen.

With little to no racing over the previous year due to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, the 2021 squad is primed and eager to get back to a full season of racing.

“The team has developed into a diverse squad of athletes. In many ways our team reflects our company, always changing and evolving,” explained Michael Folan, Founder, and CEO of INFINIT. “Our Team INFINIT roster is stronger than it’s ever been. We are fired up with this incredibly dynamic group of individuals, and cannot wait to get out there to start racing again!”

INFINIT’s pro triathletes, Andy Potts, Ben Kanute, Matt Rusell, and Nick Chase will be returning to a full season of racing as the pro triathlon race circuit opens back up globally. Potts and Russell will be eyeing the Ironman World Championships while Kanute will be targeting the Tokyo Olympics and 70.3 World Championships. Chase will be taking on several half and full-distance triathlons including the inaugural Ironman Tulsa North American Championships on May 23rd.

Long time INFINIT triathletes, Amber Ferreira and Kayla Bowker will be taking some time away from racing as they’re expecting new additions to their families later this year but will remain part of the Team INFINIT roster for the 2021 season. Ferreira will be a first time mom while Bowker is excited to welcome her second child. Both athletes are eyeing a return to racing late this year.

Team members Ryan Petry and Alexey Vermeulen will have their hands full with a busy schedule of racing throughout the country along with training three novice mountain bikers in preparation for the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike race as part of their “From the Ground Up” project. Petry, Vermeulen, and the three beginner riders will all be fueled by INFINIT.

Pro Cyclist Rachel Langdon is a member of the women’s professional cycling team InstaFund and has a full schedule of racing on the books for this year. Elizabeth Barbosa will be balancing a schedule of Olympic Weight Lifting events along with several trail running and Spartan® races.

Indycar driver Tony Kanaan will be returning to the race track in 2021 after delaying his retirement by another year. He will be racing the 4 ovals in the NTT Indycar series including the Indianapolis 500 which he previously won in 2013. This will be Kanaan’s 24th year racing and his 2nd year officially fueled by INFINIT.

“I am so thrilled to be a part of the INFINIT family again in 2021!” said Ultrarunner Don Reichelt. “Having a custom nutrition blend just for me makes race day as easy as possible. The last thing I want to do as an endurance athlete is spend mental energy on math about my calories or salt. Racing with INFINIT allows me to focus on just one number. ONE. One bottle an hour fuels me to whatever goals I’m chasing!”

The 2021 Team INFINIT Elite Roster

  • Andy Potts – Triathlon
  • Rachel Langdon – Cycling
  • Tony Kanaan – IndyCar Driver
  • Jen Lee – Paddle Sport
  • Ben Kanute – Triathlon
  • Amber Ferreira – Triathlon/SnowShoe
  • Don Reichelt – Ultra Running
  • Maddy Frank – Cycling/Mountain Biking
  • Matt Russell – Triathlon
  • Elizabeth Barbosa – Olympic Weightlifting/Trail Running
  • Nick Chase – Triathlon
  • Ginny Cataldi – Triathlon
  • Josh Tostado – Mountain Biking
  • Alycia Hill – Triathlon/Trail Running
  • Ryan Petry – Mountain Biking/Gravel
  • Christine Warren – Triathlon
  • Alexey Vermeulen – Mountain Biking/Gravel
  • Andrea Nunez-Smith – Triathlon
  • Taylor Lideen – Mountain Biking
  • Kayla Bowker – Triathlon

To learn more about the 2021 Team INFINIT Elite athletes visit INFINITnutrition.us.

About INFINIT Performance Nutrition

INFINIT Performance Nutrition specializes in providing customizable nutrition solutions that naturally maximize the performance of athletes worldwide. INFINIT’s unique customizable system gives athletes the ability to design their own sports fuel formulas, made with all-natural ingredients, to their exact specifications. Developed with the patented Osmo-FITTM system, INFINIT products and formulas are designed to be isotonic and easy to digest, even in the most grueling conditions. For more information about INFINIT Nutrition, visit infinitnutrition.com or on social media @InfinitNutrition.