Hyperice Launches Wireless, Ultra-Portable Version of Normatec Boots

June 6, 2024

Hyperice has released its long-awaited Normatec Elite, a wireless version of the brand’s famous recovery boots that are portable enough to be carried in a tote bag.

The product is free of hoses and separate control units; instead, the controls are located on the outer thigh of the boot. Normatec Elite has seven levels of compression and a 4-hour battery life. At only 3.2 pounds per boot, the product is the lightest air compression boot on the market, according to Hyperice. It’s small enough to fit in a tote bag but expands to the size of standard compression boots. The boots can also be used while charging for on-demand therapy, and Normatec Elite connects to the Hyperice App for recovery personalization experiences. Athletech News