Here’s how Bikerumor’s Sea Otter coverage is still on despite postponement

April 8, 2020

The event might be postponed, but Remote Otter will showcase all new products in a unique way!

Bikerumor’s Sea Otter Classic is legendary for its depth and breadth, with nearly every booth covered every year. So what’s one to do when there’s no Sea Otter?

Cover it anyway!

“We know most every Otter exhibitor has been working for months or years on new product launch plans,’ says Bikerumor founder Tyler Benedict. “Postponing an event doesn’t change that. So we’ve been working with a lot of brands to create unique coverage videos of all their new products and tech…remotely!”

Participating brands have been sending in self-shot video footage of their team showing off the goods, and Bikerumor’s team is editing the raw footage into complete “Remote Otter” product launch videos. Coverage starts next week, just like it normally would (and maybe a little early).

“We wanted the brands to be involved, not just shoot a bunch of video of ourselves holding things in a studio,” Benedict said. “Half the fun of Otter is getting to see the people at the brands and have them show off their personality, and this captures it without asking the brands to do any editing or anything.”

“They just get to point a camera, talk about their products, then we compile it and share it with our global audience of cycling tech enthusiasts!”

All brands who have something new to show off in April are welcome to participate. There’s no charge, and Bikerumor will provide a complete guide and demo video to help you structure your video clips properly. Interested? Email ron@bikerumor.com for details, use “Remote Otter” as your subject line.

“We’ve already received some pretty entertaining footage from several brands,” Benedict says. “It’s really awesome to see what our friends at the brands are coming up with, and our readers are going to love getting to see the people behind the products!”


Questions? Please contact Tyler Benedict at tyler@bikerumor.com or 336-456-1243