Healthy Kids Running Series Partners with SilverLine to Accelerate Sponsorship Sales

October 29th, 2018

Healthy Kids Running Series Partners with SilverLine to Accelerate Sponsorship Sales

Proprietary data analytics will bolster Healthy Kids Running Series' sponsorship capabilities and enhance participant experience

Philadelphia (October 29, 2018) Healthy Kids Running Series, a national, community-based nonprofit designed to get kids active and lay the foundation for a healthy lifestyle by providing a fun, inclusive five-week running series for thousands of kids ages 2-14 across 33 states and 200+ programs, has partnered with SilverLine, the pioneer in predictive data analytics for active lifestyle brands and mass participation sports events. The result will be data to prove engagement and ROI to program sponsors, and guide HKRS content that enriches participants’ experience from the moment they register until they cross the finish line.

Healthy Kids Running Series (HKRS) programming is organized on a grassroots level and hometown Community Coordinators distribute race bags, pin race numbers onto t-shirts and both cheer and encourage young runners every step of the way. HKRS’ satellite structure fosters community connections and promotes unique local flavor, however this same structure has presented challenges in aggregating measurement of the series-wide audience impacting the effective packaging and delivery of national sponsorships.

SilverLine’s analytics already support the HKRS website and a large network of previously unconnected local HKRS Facebook communities, but now will provide unified measurement and reporting of HKRS’s digital audience’s content consumption, social interactions and purchasing behavior. SilverLine and HKRS will work together to activate national digital-first campaigns from brands targeting healthy lifestyle enthusiasts such as the HKRS audience.

“The Healthy Kids Running Series audience, while physically dispersed across hundreds of towns, is united in its commitment to an active lifestyle, and wholly desirable to brands targeting parents who want their kids to grow up fit and confident,” says Jayme Goldberg, SilverLine’s co-founder and CEO. “SilverLine’s data analytics allow the Healthy Kids Running Series team to package and activate sponsorships built on new information about the series’ nationwide reach.”

The SilverLine analytics solution allows HKRS to serve as a consultative resource informing their sponsors’ messaging strategy to most effectively influence behavior, and to use insights about their participants’ motivations and needs to energize and support them.

“Ten years ago, when we started our running series to motivate kids to manage their health with running, using mass data aggregation to guide and support our conversation with participants and sponsors was unheard of,” says Jeff Long, Founder of Healthy Kids Running Series. “Now, SilverLine’s sophisticated analytics showing how sponsors engage with and influence HKRS families prove that supporting our organization not only feels good but is also great for business.”

The Healthy Kids Running Series, founded in 2009, is a national, community-based nonprofit that provides a fun, inclusive, five-week running series for ages 2-14 designed for kids to get active, feel accomplished and lay the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Today, HKRS operates in over 230 communities across 33 states. In 2018, HKRS hosted more than 44,000 youth runners, experiencing both the joy and challenges of this great sport. HKRS is its own non-profit entity managed by the Pattison Sports Group, Philadelphia’s premier sports marketing firm specializing in corporate consulting, property representation and event management.

SilverLine’s proprietary data analytics measure preferences and content consumption and predict purchasing behavior for millions of active lifestyle athletes participating in more than 650 mass-participatory running, cycling, triathlon and obstacle race events. The company generates valuable first-party data leveraging website and social media data to build detailed, hard-to-get psychographic and behavioral information about active lifestyle enthusiasts and their experiences. Then SilverLine enriches these first-party profiles with up to 2,000 offline behavioral attributes to give partner events and brands an actionable profile of their customers’ content consumption and purchasing habits; and adds new dimension and clarity to ROI measurement of the program’s impact.

SilverLine data allows brands to predicatively influence purchasing decisions in core vertical categories such as footwear, apparel, gear and wearable technology; and extends to non-endemic categories including travel/hospitality, automotive, food and beverage, insurance and financial services, and more.

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Healthy Kids Running Series Partners with SilverLine to Accelerate Sponsorship Sales

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