GU Energy Labs Launches Boon: A Line of Healthy Snacks for Daily Life

August 3, 2020

Berkeley, Calif. — Aug. 03, 2020 — The creators of GU Energy Labs are launching Boon, a line of nutritious Stroopwafels and Almond Butters made for daily life. These wholesome, delicious, healthful snacks nourish the body during The Time Between— for lives in motion who still want to eat purposefully around workouts and races.

With USDA Certified Organic, non-GMO, vegan-friendly and gluten-free options, Boon is crafted with unique, functional ingredients that offer busy and active people a thoughtful alternative for fueling their time-in-between training and racing. Whether after spin class, between work meetings, traveling or off exploring the outdoors, Boon’s Stroopwafels and Almond Butters are delicious anytime snacks for anyone wanting to eat intentionally and nourish their body with wholesome and purposeful food.

“Being athletes ourselves, we believe good food brings good fortune, not just in sport but in life. We believe the foods you eat should nourish you and not just fill you up. There should be purpose behind what you eat. Each meal we eat, every snack we enjoy is – in some way – preparing us for our next adventure,” said Brian Vaughan, Co-Founder & CEO of GU Energy Labs. “We’ve been eating this way for a long time, and Boon has been years in the making. Now we’re ready to share it with the world.”

Boon’s five tasty flavors: Sweet Ginger, Cinnamon Spice, Vanilla Cardamom (Stroopwafels only), Chai Spice (Almond Butters only) and Boon’s caffeinated option, Espresso Bean (Almond Butters only). Boon Stroopwafels (MSRP: $17.50 10ct. box) are crafted with a gluten-free flour blend of five ancient grains that are key elements to a sustaining & delicious everyday diet— quinoa, chia, buckwheat, millet & amaranth. The Boon Almond Butters provide wholesome nutrition through ingredients like California almonds, cardamom and the upcoming single-serve packets of nut butter will also use special sources of fat like MCT Oil, a uniquely fast-acting fat that converts into usable energy instead of stored as body fat. Currently offered in 12oz. glass jars, the Almond Butters will soon become available in single-serve packets for easier on-the-go consumption.

Boon has eco-friendliness and community built-in with its TerraCycle partnership for packaging and thoughtfully selected ingredient partners. Boon uses carefully sourced ingredients from local partners who are socially responsible and environmentally conscious, such as Equator Coffee Roasters, The Coffee Cherry Company and The Ginger People.

“Boon started in our kitchens, around campfires, en route to trailheads, simply sharing good food with friends and family. What we call ‘the time between,’” said Magda Boulet, SVP of Research, Innovation, & Development for GU Energy Labs. “We believe that each meal we cook and each snack we eat is an opportunity to nourish our bodies and fuel us for the next adventure. And Boon is a way for us to share our philosophy behind meaningful eating and purposeful ingredients.”

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Boon Stroopwafels and Almond Butters are wholesome, healthful, delicious snacks that nourish the body in daily life. The creators of GU Energy Labs designed Boon with The Time Between in mind— for lives in motion that want to eat purposefully throughout their lives, not just while exercising. As athletes themselves, GU has always understood the importance of good food in daily life and knew that good food brings good fortune. They created Boon to share what they believe eating with intention and what using functional ingredients can do for people’s lives. Boon’s unique, wholesome ingredients offer busy and active people a thoughtful alternative for fueling their time-in-between, whether you’re looking for nutrition for down-time from workouts or a healthful snack to eat on the fly.


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