Greyp Bikes Officially Launches in US; Tech-Forward E-MTB’s Now Available

June 2, 2020

Award-winning European E-MTB brand combines trail-capable spec with on-board tech, 4G connectivity

San Pedro, California (June 2, 2020) — Croatian upstart e-bike brand Greyp Bikes (pr: grape) is incredibly proud to have officially launched its US operations on May 28th. The award-winning, flagship G6 electric-assist mountain bike line – featuring an unprecedented combination of app integration, connectivity and on-board data – is now available to consumers through its new US website, which is now live, and at select retailers.

US operations will be run from their San Pedro, California office under Managing Director Allyson Vought, a former multiple US National Champion cyclist and longtime industry veteran with over 30 years’ experience. That may change soon, as they’re currently looking into larger spaces elsewhere.

The bikes are the brainchild of Mate Rimac – aka ‘Croatia’s Elon Musk’ – who is no stranger to electric vehicles: He’s the founder of Rimac Automobili (RA), the brand behind two of the fastest-accelerating cars ever to burn up a track… which also happen to be fully electric. Rimac brought in mechanical engineer Krešimir Hlede as COO, to run the bike side as a department of RA, which soon became its own brand and moved its operations next door.

Along with key members of the auto team they endeavored to infuse into Greyp’s e-bikes the wealth of expertise and experience garnered from developing the highest levels of automotive and battery technology along with digital connectivity. The result is a full-carbon trail bike with a high-tech heart and e-supercar soul. All three models feature impressive builds with name-brand components, backed by cutting-edge e-drive technology: 36V, 700Wh batteries power the 250W or 460W motors, which yields an estimated 60 miles of power-assist under normal use.

But what sets Greyp completely apart from the crowded E-MTB market is the host of high-tech connectivity and data offerings, when paired with the mobile apps – from front/rear built-in video cameras to full 4G and Bluetooth connectivity – that provide Silicon Valley-worthy street cred.

  • Built-in 4G eSIM card powered by T-Mobile means bikes are always connected to the internet
  • Over-the-air (OTA) software updates to the bikes and mobile apps on both iPhone and Android platforms
  • Front/rear hi-def video cameras for hands-free imaging of every ride; Remote camera operation/viewing for theft deterrence
  • Built-in GPS and navigation, accelerometer, and barometer
  • Real time, ‘real-world’ battery reserve readout based on GPS terrain data
  • Heart Rate-controlled power-assist mode, with included HR wrist strap
  • Mobile mount (with USB charging port) for in-app, on-the-fly control of all on-board tech

While Greyp is new to the US market, it launched its first E-MTBs in Europe over a year ago, and the industry quickly took notice: The G6.2 won Best E-MTB at last year’s Eurobike trade show, and Greyp also won the 2020 Design & Innovation Award for technology and apps.

That, combined with their experience in adjacent technologies, should spell success in the States, says Vought: “Nobody else is doing what Greyp is doing with the integration of tech, connectivity and MTB spec. Hopefully that, plus our reputation building some of the world’s coolest e-vehicles, will result in a very successful launch and future in the US. We feel these bikes push the limits of what e-bikes can do, both physically and electronically, and we’re confident their popularity in Europe will be repeated in the States.”

The full-suspension G6 line, including the 6.1, 6.2, and 6.3, are on the ground in the US now, and will be available for immediate purchase and delivery as of May 28th. MSRPs are $7999, $8499 and $8999 respectively. Their hardtail models, the G5.1 and G5.2 ($5499 and $6499 respectively) are expected to follow soon. Other models will also be available in the US, but through special order only.

For retail opportunities or other non-media inquiries, please contact Allyson Vought at: allyson.vought@greyp.com

About Greyp

We design and engineer high-performance “smart” e-bikes with highly sophisticated technology, futuristic connectivity, and hardcore off-road capability. All of us are fascinated about technology, and we are not afraid to use it to upgrade your riding experience; in fact, it’s our mission.