Freemotion Launches New, GENESIS™ Dual Cable Cross – Inclusive Use, Making Strength Training Accessible to All

December 3, 2021

LOGAN, Utah, December 3, 2021 /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Freemotion Fitness is introducing a new GENESIS™ Dual Cable Cross that meets the Inclusive Use standards, designed to help health clubs and fitness facilities provide people with disabilities opportunities for healthy living. The new G624-IU GENESIS™ Dual Cable Cross features an open design, allowing for wheelchair accessibility to accommodate exercisers with mobility disabilities.

Notably, the G624-IU GENESIS Dual Cable Cross also has an innovative patent-pending pin design, which will allow users to make adjustments more efficiently and safely. Previously, once the user released the vertical arm adjustment pin, it would snap back into the frame. Now, with a 90-degree-turn lockout system, the pin can be locked in place using one hand and then the user can adjust the arm vertically using the same hand without the need to use two hands simultaneously.

Details of new inclusive features:

  • The recessed numbers on the weight stacks accommodate people with visual impairments.
  • The redesign of the weight stacks provides contrast based on touch and color.
  • The recessed indicators on the adjustable arms (vertical and horizontal) feature markings for more precise adjustments that accommodate visually impaired exercisers.
  • The fixed stability bar is the required diameter and length to meet ASTM International standards.
  • The material used on the fixed stability bar facilitates better grip and reduces slippage.
  • The height on the fixed stability bar is placed within the optimal reach.
  • The fixed stability bar and adjustment pins have a ‘reach range’ ideal for exercisers with disabilities to comfortably access both features.
  • The contrasting colors behind the fixed stability bar make the gripping surfaces easy to locate.
  • The location of the adjustment pins and levers are easily viewable from the front and the contrasting colors make their adjustment mechanisms easy to locate.
  • The activation forces on the adjustment pins and levers meet ASTM International standards.


According to Dan Toigo, Sr. Vice President & Managing Director of Freemotion Fitness, the new and improved Dual Cable Cross will be a crucial addition to any club or studio looking to improve its fitness offer and diversify its membership and user base.

“People with disabilities face significant barriers when it comes to finding opportunities to take part in fitness, sport, and physical activity,” Toigo says. “Providing an inclusive and welcoming environment to those looking to train at a club or gym is important. Our industry strives to make people healthier and fitter, and that includes people with disabilities.”


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