Former Pro Cyclist Phil Gaimon and Friends Launch Preem TV On YouTube

April 7, 2021

Preem introduces Preem TV to inspire a new community of bike riders of all levels, interests, and abilities with weekly content streams and wide-ranging stories

(Los Angeles, CA) – Preem TV, a new content channel for cyclists of all abilities and interests, officially announces its launch on YouTube (link). The brainchild of the larger Preem team, Preem TV will be the home for cyclists to draw inspiration, information, and connection about their time on two wheels.

Preem TV is all about feeding your passion for the ride and giving that ride new life,” says Phil Gaimon, Head of Preem TV. “That’s what we’re going to be doing here every week as we grow our roster of presenters and deliver never before seen content.”

In addition to Gaimon, Preem TV personalities will include US gravel racer Ali Tetrick, US National Crit champion Rahsaan Bahati, former Canadian pro Lex Albrecht, and a host of other correspondents. While Preem TV draws from athletes, coaches, experts, and enthusiasts within the sport of cycling, the focus will be on riding, not racing.

“We hope to create content and tell stories that resonate with all cyclists – if you are riding a bike, you are doing it right!” says Tetrick. “With Preem TV, we want to make bikes more accessible and fun for people no matter if they just found cycling or have been riding for years.”

Preem TV is part of the innovative cycling company, Preem, which was created by Zwift co-founder Scott Barger and long-time tech entrepreneur David Norris. Both are passionate cyclists with a track record for developing new ways to approach technology and cycling.

“Preem’s a unique new platform for cyclists that will connect you, your ride, and your data to make every ride the best it can be,” said Norris. “By leveraging AI and data, Preem is going to let you prepare for your ride in ways you’ve never dreamed of. We can’t say much, but we can say you’re going to love to Preem your ride.”


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ABOUT Preem/Preem TV

Founded by passionate cyclists, Preem is a new AI and data driven platform that connects you, your ride, and your data to make every ride more rewarding.

Preem TV is the new home for bike riders of all ages, abilities, and disciplines. With new content landing weekly, Preem TV features personalities across the spectrum of cycling to help inspire, inform, connect, and grow the community of cyclists around the world. No matter where you are on your cycling journey, you have a home at Preem TV.

Preem TV can be found on YouTube

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