Fitbit co-founder: Future for fitness is well beyond the wrist

April 21, 2021

Exclusive from CNET: CTO Eric Friedman talks with CNET about the company’s first wearable under the Google umbrella.

A Fitbit used to be a little gadget to count your steps. Those days are long gone: Fitbits are now continuous heart and sleep monitors, with aspirations that go even deeper. Now owned by Google, Fitbit is still creating new fitness trackers, like the new Luxe. The company’s subscription-based Fitbit Premium service continues to add new wellness routines, including celebrity guides such as Deepak Chopra.

Where do things go next? Will Fitbit ever venture off-wrist? How can these trackers possibly assist with diseases like COVID-19?

Fitbit co-founder and CTO Eric Friedman offers some insights on where Fitbit is at now, and where things are headed next.