First-Ever Autistic Runner Featured on Women’s Running January/February 2016 Cover

December 1st, 2015

First-Ever Autistic Runner Featured on  Women’s Running January/February 2016 Cover

SAN DIEGO, December 1, 2015 – The January/February 2016 issue of Women’s Running features Kiley Lyall, a 24-year-old half marathon runner from Chicago and her story of how running has helped her manage autism, mild cerebral palsy and life-threatening seizures. She is the first-ever runner with autism to appear on the cover of a national fitness magazine.

Kiley Lyall was selected as the winner of the third annual Women’s Running Cover Runner Contest presented by the Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon Series, where she was chosen out of seven other finalists after more than 10,000 readers voted.

The cover photo captures Kiley on a trail in San Diego, after a run with the editor-in-chief of Women’s Running, Jessica Sebor. Inside the issue, she shares her story of perseverance through many life hurdles over the years. Kiley’s love of running started at age 8, and she recently finished her second Chicago Half Marathon.  She describes the experience as medicinal for her autism and life-threatening seizures; she loves both the exercise and the opportunity to synchronize with other runners in a crowd.

“Women’s Running shows the variety of abilities of runners, like Kiley, who it might take her longer to finish on a bad day”, says Kathleen Lyall, Kiley’s mother.  “I hope this cover opens doors for others that are limited. Most people would say it’s been a really crummy day, so I’m not going to run today, but Kiley stays motivated to grab those shoes, so there is something about running that she absolutely loves.”

“We’re so passionate about this cover and the opportunity to share Kiley’s story of determination,” said Jessica Sebor, editor-in-chief. ”Our readers know that a love of running steams from many different places and sentiments. We want to support all women on their running journey.”

Women’s Running already made waves in the magazine industry earlier this year by featuring the first regular-sized model on the cover of a fitness magazine. The 2015 August issue featuring model Erica Schenk encouraged women that runners aren’t defined by a specific size or shape. With the launch of the 2016 January/February issue, Women’s Running once again showcases that runners come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. To see Kiley Lyall’s winning entry for the Women’s Running Cover Runner Contest presented by the Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon Series, please visit:

Women’s Running subscribers will receive the January/February issue starting December 11th, and the magazine will be available on newsstands nationwide on December 22nd. To view recent articles or subscribe to the magazine, visit:

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First-Ever Autistic Runner Featured on  Women’s Running January/February 2016 Cover

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