ENVO Drive Systems Launches Initiative to Diversify Winter Tourism with Thrilling Electric Snow Vehicles

October 13, 2023

e-Mobility innovators partnering with select resorts, winter destinations to offer SnowKarts and SnowBikes for rentals, tours, facilities

Vancouver, Canada (October 13, 2023)/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – As winter approaches and the anticipation for snow-covered landscapes builds, ENVO Drive Systems – designers of traditional e-bikes as well as unique, purpose-built e-vehicles for snow, water and 4-wheeling – is aiming to transform the tourism scene for winter resorts, and more importantly their guests, by addressing the many visitors and/or would-be visitors who don’t ski, snowshoe, etc. They’re proud to announce a limited-opportunity initiative to work with select destination areas, ski resorts and other winter-related tourism hotspots to provide fleets of their renowned Flex e-SnowBike or e-SnowKart vehicles for rental programs, group tours, facility maintenance and more.

While this is an ideal way for snow-themed resorts and destinations to boost their overall appeal to a broader audience, the inclusion of ENVO’s universally fun, safe designs, green-technology and ‘wow factor,’ goes well beyond traditional tourist destinations; cities like Quebec City are already on board, ordering dozens of the vehicles to use during the famous Québec Winter Carnival, to provide convenient, zero-emissions utility vehicles to help with logistical needs around the locations. They’re confident this will make the event quieter, cleaner, more efficient, and more viewer friendly for the large crowds that attend yearly.

This well-funded project is as simple and affordable as possible for interested parties, with ENVO offering comprehensive assistance throughout the process, including: planning support; demo program consulting; simple financing terms; grant support; co-branded marketing and promotions and more. Along with ENVO’s volume incentives and highly favorable financing terms, regional and federal incentives – such as a 33% rebate from CleanBC – are also available, and they’ll help facilitate that process for potential clients. Once a partnership begins, ENVO will offer a wide range of support, including technical consultancy and training for staff, along with this general product maintenance and scheduled servicing.

But in the end it’s the visitors who gain the most: While winter resorts and destination locales have long been celebrated for their exciting snow-centric activities, ENVO recognizes the need for more accessible, family friendly, environmentally sensitive options. “The quintessential snow-covered getaway should be an adventure that everyone, from kids to elderly, can enjoy together,” says Ali Kazemkhani, CEO of ENVO Drive Systems. “Through strategic partnerships with winter resorts, ENVO aims to revolutionize winter tourism by adding SnowKart and SnowBikes to a resorts’ fleet of activities. This allows them to offer a more inclusive and diverse range of experiences that cater to the whole family. This initiative aligns perfectly with ENVO’s mission of ‘creating joyful experiences through e-mobility solutions.’

“It’s definitely a turnkey package,” adds Kazemkhani. “Interested parties just need to contact us, and we’ll take care of almost everything else. The easier it is for this program to work, the better it is for all parties, especially the consumers who get a super fun new adventure opportunity when visiting these places.”

SnowKart and SnowBikes are easy to use and operate, making them suitable for children and elders. They are also remarkably quiet and emission free, ensuring an ideal winter experience for all. The SnowKart is capable of reaching speeds of up to 20 km/h while delivering an impressive power output of 2000W. It’s designed to thrive in diverse snow conditions including powder, hardpack and even icy terrain.

For a more rigorous adventure – or not, thanks to the pedal-assist motor – the SnowBikes can substitute for normal cycling once the snow flies. Just like a bike, but with a track instead of wheels, the rider can pedal solo or with the help of five levels of power assist, up to a whopping 1000 watts, which kicks in only when pedaling. Or push the throttle and enjoy the truly effortless ride. And conversion kits can quickly turn this into a full-featured e-bike for year-round activities.

For more information about the resort program, please email Steve Ostovar: steve.o@envodrive.com

To learn more about SnowKart and SnowBikes, please visit https://envodrive.com/en-us

About ENVO Drive Systems: ENVO Drive Systems, is a Canadian pioneering engineering and manufacturer of micro-electric-mobility products. ENVO’s mission is to fill in the gaps of e-mobility by offering innovative, modular and versatile products. Heavily investing in R&D, ENVO is committed to affordable quality to be the preferred e-mobility choice for the sustainable future of our planet.