Endurance Audience Insights for Race Directors: New Data From Eventbrite

October 30th, 2014

Eventbrite released new survey and social media data to give endurance event organizers more insight into their participants and event promotion.

The 2014 survey was completed by over 2000 people who registered for an endurance event on Eventbrite in the past 12 months, and asked participants to self-identify into one of five endurance participant profiles to glean insights into the varied motivations for participating. The survey also collected data on audience demographics, event attendance, event registration, and social media activity.

A few top findings include:

  • Endurance event participation is off the charts. 37% indicate that they’ve participated in 5+ endurance events over the past year, while 99% of those surveyed indicate they will participate in an endurance event in the future.
  • Participants are active in the endurance community and across the live events spectrum. On average, over the past year survey respondents attended 3+ different endurance event types, with 5Ks (64%) mud runs (49%), obstacle events (40%), 10ks (32%) and half-marathons (31%), being the most participated in. Participants also attended 4+ other categories of events over the past year, including sporting events (65%), music concerts (62%), food/beverage events (46%), and festivals & fairs (41%).
  • Ordinary people are participating in extraordinary events. The majority of endurance event participants aren’t serious athletes training year round. In fact, participants identifying with the “hardcore athlete” profile never made up more than one third of the event participant pool, even for ambitious events such as marathons and triathlons.
  • Endurance participants are active on social media, especially before the event. 80% of endurance participants reported sharing event photos and updates on social media compared to 70% of event-goers who have not participated in an endurance event. A follow-up analysis of 25 million Twitter posts by Mashwork & Eventbrite revealed that 71% of Twitter conversation surrounding Endurance events took place pre-event, compared to 40% of conversation across all types of events.

“With the record number of endurance participants this past year, we knew we wanted to dig deeper to find out who these runners are and what motivates them to participate,” said Sarah Hoffman, Endurance Marketing Specialist at Eventbrite. “One learning was the level of social media activity by this group before endurance events. Providing a platform for this dialogue and engaging with participants during the training and event preparation period represents a huge opportunity for race directors to build their brand and drive registrations.”

Check out the full 2014 Endurance Sports Participant Study for more data insights and learnings for endurance event organizers, and view the endurance social conversation infographic to learn how and when endurance athletes are talking about events on Twitter.

Visit the Eventbrite Event Academy, a free resource hub for event organizers, for more endurance event planning guides, industry insights, and reports.

About Eventbrite:

Eventbrite provides a simple, streamlined registration platform to help endurance event organizers and race directors set up, promote, and sell out their events. Event organizers can reach a broader audience of athletes, volunteers and fans, and make smarter decisions along the way with social marketing tools, personalized event discovery, and access to real-time data, all in one place. Eventbrite is one of the fastest-growing registration services with over 10,000 endurance events and more than $2.5 billion in sales.

To find out more, go to www.eventbrite.com/endurance


Endurance Audience Insights for Race Directors: New Data From Eventbrite

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