Elite Podiatrist and Footwear Developer Simon Bartold Backs Innovative Vimazi, Will Exclusively Distribute in AU and NZ

August 2, 2023

Portland, Ore., (August 2, 2023) /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Vimazi, maker of the first ever pace-tuned running shoes, and Simon Bartold, globally recognized podiatrist to the running elite and advanced development consultant for industry leaders ASICS and Salomon, announce today a partnership to have Bartold be Vimaz’s exclusive distributor for Australia and New Zealand.

Bartold, who has been a respected voice in running footwear for decades, has been a strong advocate for the design of running shoes based on running pace, a factor he believes is crucial in injury prevention and promoting body harmony. His discovery of Vimazi, whose name is derived from Greek roots signifying ‘pace-zone,’ symbolizes the perfect embodiment of this philosophy.

“My mission for all the years I have spent advising footwear companies is to follow the science. The science tells us that building running shoes based on how fast the athlete runs, rather than the current focus of running footwear, will determine running function,” says Bartold. “Building shoes to recognise the runner’s pace is likely to improve performance and protect the runner from injury. When I discovered Vimazi and their focus on pace and science I couldn’t wait to jump on board with the team.”

Vimazi, which unveiled its debut line of road running shoes earlier this spring, has already made a notable impact in the running community. The brand, thanks to its innovative approach to running shoe design and its commitment to optimal performance, has quickly caught the attention of industry experts and runners alike.

The company is set to further expand its product range with the upcoming launch of two trail running models, an addition that promises to offer trail runners an unparalleled blend of design, comfort and pace-specific functionality.

With the inclusion of Simon Bartold in its ranks, Vimazi strengthens its position as a key player in the footwear industry, bringing a revolutionary approach to running shoe design and functionality to the AU & NZ markets.

“Simon brings his wealth of expertise to Vimazi at a critical time in modern running shoe evolution and promises to help better connect with runners searching for health and performance in their footwear,” says Vimazi CEO, Scott Tucker. “I can think of no better person to bolster our team and connect our technology to running health than Simon Bartold.”

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About Simon Bartold

Simon Bartold is a world-renowned podiatrist, who has worked extensively with elite athletes and leading footwear brands, including ASICS and Salomon. His approach to footwear design, based on matching the running shoe to an individual’s pace, has influenced the running footwear industry globally.

About Vimazi

Founded by industry veterans and life-long marathoners, Vimazi pace-tuned running shoes are engineered to reduce shock and increase energy efficiency because they react to the forces you create at your pace. The technology is backed by physics and provides increased propulsion and better health with every step. For additional information, please visit vimazi.com or email faster@vimazi.com.