Earn a Badge For Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Endurance Events

September 4, 2019

Earn a Badge For Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Endurance Events

Sept 4, 2019 – California: BibBoards is on the frontline in help making endurance races more sustainable and environmentally conscious. The release of a special Badge by the company that will support events to be more environmentally friendly by eliminating the use of the rusty old safety pins. The badge which can be posted on the official websites, social media, press release and shared at events. It is to announce that events that use Recyclable BibBoards are more environmentally friendly races and to finally rid the streets, trails and tracks of rusted old safety pins before, during and after the event takes place.

Badges issued by BibBoards are to give the stamp of approval in showing city planners and environmental groups that event organizers are going recyclable – by getting rid of rusty old safety pins. Reusable Bibboards are placed as a solution alternative to promote cleaner races – whether before, during or after.  Safety pins can easily come undone from the garment with the slightest movement and can also tear and rip the bibs or flesh. Safety pins litter the streets and hard to clean up leaving them scattered on the ground causing them to get into the drainage system contributing to the pollution of the environment.

Most participants in endurance events are environmentally conscious and play active roles in promoting sustainable living. Event organizers have the chance to show their support by getting rid of safety pins in races and go sustainable with Reusable BibBoards.

“This will allow us to offer a 100% Greener recyclable solution instead of the old safety pin, and this will reduce the waste footprint at our events. One thing I like is our participants will now eliminate the holes in the shirts we hand out and they will keep them as souvenir and collectible” Says Ryan Dawkins Event Director and owner of Mascot Sports

Be a part of the Going Green family, earn your badge now!

Organizers and event planners for races can contact Derek Fox at [email protected] on how to be part of going green campaign and acquire a BibBoard badge.