‘Discover Your Sweet Spot’ with Stryd’s New Automated Run Power Training

October 6, 2020

Stryd, the global leader in run power technology, is releasing the world’s first fully-automated run power training system.

Boulder, CO, October 6, 2020 — Stryd, the global leader in run power technology, is releasing the world’s first fully-automated run power training system. Paired to work in concert with the Stryd power meter, the most accurate and consistent run training device on the market today, it makes achieving goals and maximizing potential easier than ever before. The new Stryd training system provides automated pre-workout planning of personalized training plans, real-time guidance delivered from within the workout, and intelligent post-workout insights from what you’ve done to optimize your plan going forward. Since the creation of the running power space, Stryd’s power meters have enabled runners to train at consistent & precisely personalized intensities across external conditions and along every second of their run. Now, the new Stryd training experience prescribes and delivers power-based workouts which guide runners’ training at their optimal performance-enhancing power, personalized exclusively for an individual’s performance and goals. Paired with the Stryd power meter, the only wearable device capable of reporting responsive, accurate and consistent power across external running conditions, discovering your ‘sweet spot’ is finally achievable.

Stryd’s new experience works together with a runner’s entire run technology stack — from their sportswatch to their data platform — to deliver a comprehensive and complete, guided training experience. It all begins with the Stryd power meter. Stryd power data informs models tracking the runner’s on-the-fly performance capability. Next, a personalized power-based plan is built for that runner via Stryd’s PowerCenter and Stryd’s mobile apps on iOS and Android. Runners can also import a pre-built running power plan from TrainingPeaks, Final Surge, or 2PEAK for use within Stryd’s system. With a personalized training plan, workouts from that plan are sent to compatible sport watches (Garmin and Apple Watch) for on-the-fly delivery on the watch to the runner. Runners receive step-by-step power and duration guidance on their watch so that they run at the right power target to precisely execute any workout tailored to their performance capability. The watch sends that data back to Stryd platform so Stryd can deliver insights on that workout and further personalize future workouts.

“As runners, we know how crucial it is to maximize improvements from the work you put into each each and every training session. Stryd is now not only prescribing daily workouts which give you that, but it is now also guiding you each and every second of those workouts on your Garmin and Apple Watch, giving you the insights afterwards that tell you precisely how you’ve improved, and showing you what you could do next time to improve all the more.” said Jamie Williamson, Stryd co-founder & CEO. “Finally, with Stryd’s new training system, it’s not only easy for absolutely anyone to train with power, but you can now know exactly how much you are improving and how to make the best out of the long and hard miles you are putting into your training.”

Stryd has gained wide recognition in the running space from three key innovations: pioneering the power concept in running, outperforming GPS pace in terms of accuracy and responsiveness, and bringing the first real-time air resistance power measurements to runners. This new training experience is a fourth innovation promising to deliver performance-enhancing benefits of similar magnitude to runners everywhere. By guiding runners stride-by-stride with accurate power reporting and day-by-day with intelligent and automated power training, Stryd owners can build training momentum for weeks, months, and even years at a time to reach new fitness highs. This new training system will help runners find and stay in their training ‘sweet spot.’

Here are the new features that runners will see in Stryd’s new training system:

  • New power-based plans from 5k to Marathon, personalized to the runner’s capabilities (including the ability to import power-based training plans from TrainingPeaks, Final Surge, and 2PEAK)
  • Execute difference-making power-based training and receive step-by-step guidance on Connect IQ 3.0+ Garmin watches and Apple Watch via Stryd’s training apps
  • Uncover workout contributors to your most impacting improvements through post-workout breakdowns on the Stryd mobile app and on PowerCenter
  • Post-run, intelligent insights present a variety of analytics from each of your runs
  • View detailed trend graphs to discover the key patterns boosting your fitness
  • Enjoy fully redesigned Stryd mobile apps and updated PowerCenter experiences that enable intuitive, in-depth analysis of your activities

In order to get started with the new training system, runners will need a Stryd power meter. All of these features are arriving to all current and future Stryd owners today as a free preview until the first half of 2021. In the first half of 2021, Stryd will begin offering this new training experience as part of a membership service. To learn more and order the Stryd power meter, visit https://www.stryd.com.

About Stryd.

Emerging from the research labs of Boulder, Colorado, Stryd developed the first wearable run power meter technology. Power is the single measure of running performance. It accounts for speed, form, fatigue, terrain, and wind. Runners follow a singular number (power) to perfectly pace their runs in any condition. Olympic, professional, elite and amateur athletes and runners have long adopted Stryd technology to gain a measurable edge in training and racing.

Learn more about Stryd at https://www.stryd.com/

Watch the promo video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faqBL7aXH7E

Find screenshots of the new Stryd training experience here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1CR0cPfPXL2VCPe4wv-ArcuJtlpVsFEej?usp=sharing