DelMoSports Pioneers New Race Starts

June 21st, 2013

WILDWOOD, NJ-JUNE 21, 2013:  DelMoSports Inc. is pioneering a new race start that allows athletes to arrange their starts by ability, rather than by age or gender.  Stephen Del Monte, Founder/CEO of Atlantic City Triathlon, Tri the Wildwoods and Escape the Cape, experimented with a time trial (TT) format for the inaugural Escape the Cape Triathlon on June 2, 2013. The results were extremely positive and well received. So now Del Monte has chosen to begin all of his events in this fashion.

The amateur friendly race will be safer with this change.  Historically, triathlons have started with either mass starts, in which everyone starts at once, or with age group/gender starts, in which racers split into waves based on age or gender.

When asked why the move to a TT start, Del Monte stressed the safety factor.  “Starting events by ability is the norm for running races around the world,” said Del Monte. “We believe this is the best and safest option for triathletes and are excited to be leading this new format.”

View Del Monte’s video announcement here:

Traditionally, triathlons started solely based on age and not ability. This start has been virtually unchallenged for decades. Normally, triathlons would develop a time trial approach only if there were changes in the event due to weather or some other circumstance in which the format of the event was altered. With this new approach, DelMoSports athletes no longer have to wait in line…they may seed themselves based on their ability…just like a running race. Additionally, the time trial approach is excellent for another reason, it gives the lifeguards an opportunity to see the athletes clearly, as opposed to a mass start by wave where there could be as many as 125 people beginning at the same time. The time trial approach allows all rescue personnel to view the event from a much more manageable vantage point, instead of the controlled chaos of bigger wave starts.

“I wanted to alleviate the anxiety of big starting waves for those who were racing,”” DelMonte said. “When you have a group of speedsters coming from behind and running, swimming or biking over you, it can be frightening. That’s why I wanted to make my race starts safer and more enjoyable.”

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DelMoSports produces 2 other triathlons, The 10th Anniversary Tri the Wildwoods Triathlon & 5k in North Wildwood, NJ on August 17th, 2013 and the 3rd Annual Atlantic City International Triathlon in Atlantic City, NJ on September 15th, 2013.  DelMoSports, Inc is a boutique race company founded in 2004. They specialize in elite destination events along the southern New Jersey shore. DelMoSports is known for high quality, athlete centered productions with an emphasis on community involvement while staying true to the sport of triathlon. All of their events provide a challenging course, spectacular scenery and amazing vacation opportunities for athletes and their families.


DelMoSports Pioneers New Race Starts

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