Chasing Watts releases new details of their Chasing Watts Century Challenge.

June 29, 2023

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Chasing Watts, the leading app for connecting cyclists with group rides, is thrilled to announce the fourth edition of the highly anticipated Chasing Watts Century Challenge. This year, the challenge takes on a new and exciting twist, as it puts the power in the hands of ride creators across the country.

The Chasing Watts Century Challenge, taking place throughout the month of August 2023, invites ride creators to design and host rides on the Chasing Watts app that offers a 100-mile route option. Participants in the challenge will be tasked with riding a century every weekend in August, pushing themselves to new limits and embracing the thrill of conquering long distances.

Building upon the success of the past three years, the Chasing Watts Century Challenge continues to grow in popularity and participation. This year’s edition will be ride-creator driven, allowing cyclists from all corners of the country to participate and showcase their creativity and passion for cycling. It presents an incredible opportunity for ride creators to craft unique routes that highlight the beauty and diversity of cycling across different regions.

“We are excited to elevate the Chasing Watts Century Challenge to a whole new level this year,” said Chasing Watts co-founder Scott Minard. “By empowering ride creators to shape the challenge, we are unlocking a wave of creativity and local knowledge. We can’t wait to see the incredible routes that will be offered, from scenic city rides to challenging country adventures.”

In addition to the personal accomplishment of completing a century ride each weekend, participants in the Chasing Watts Century Challenge will have the chance to win exciting prizes. Eligible rides will be entered into the challenge and evaluated based on various categories, including the largest ride by roster, longest route, most confirmed finishers, most liked ride and more. The winners will be rewarded for their exceptional efforts and contributions to the challenge.

“We wanted to celebrate the hard work and dedication of both participants and ride creators,” added Scott. “The prize categories add an element of friendly competition and camaraderie, encouraging participants to strive for personal greatness and recognize their achievements.”

Cyclists and ride creators interested in joining the Chasing Watts Century Challenge can visit the website at chasingwatts.com or the mobile app for more information and to create their rides.

If you are a vendor that would like to support or sponsor the challenge or simply have questions, send us a note at hello@chasingwatts.com

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist looking to challenge your limits or a ride creator with a passion for crafting remarkable routes, this is your chance to be a part of an extraordinary cycling event that will captivate riders from coast to coast.

Chasing Watts is free to use, allowing riders to find, join, create, and manage group rides anywhere in the world. The latest version of the mobile app (3.1.7) is available on Apple’s AppStore and Google Play or online at ChasingWatts.com.

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