Brownlee Racing is Launched and Secures Final supertri Team Franchise

July 4, 2024

LONDON, UK/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Three-time Olympic medallist Jonny Brownlee (34) has today teamed up with his double-Gold winning brother, Alistair (36) to launch Brownlee Racing, a new endurance racing team. The first sporting engagement for Brownlee Racing will be acquiring and competing as one of four new teams in the innovative global triathlon series, supertri.

This strategic investment provides a strong platform for the brothers to showcase their team’s talent, build a loyal fan base, and support the effort to elevate triathlon into the global sporting arena.

Since 2012, the Brownlee brothers have won five of Britain’s eight Olympic Triathlon medals. The pair hope that the formation of Brownlee Racing will be instrumental in preserving Britain’s position at the summit of Olympic Triathlon through the identification and nurturing of future racing talent.

The team’s first two signings to race in supertri are England’s Alex Yee (26) and Scotland’s Beth Potter (32), who will both lead the men’s and the women’s team respectively in Brownlee Racing’s supertri campaign, and are amongst the favourites for the individual Olympic Triathlon events this summer.

Double Olympic medallist, Yee was inspired by the Brownlee brothers having watched in Hyde Park their medal-winning heroics at London 2012 and current World Champion, Potter has attributed much of her recent success to learnings from training with Alistair and Jonny at their Leeds base. The Brownlee influence is already at play amongst Britain’s elite and now, through the formation of Brownlee Racing, well placed to benefit future generations.

Jonny is hugely excited about the new chapter that the team launch opens: “It was obviously a big disappointment not to qualify for Paris and a fourth consecutive Olympics, but my eyes are now firmly fixed on the future with the launch of Brownlee Racing.

“I really enjoy the shorter format of supertri racing and look forward to racing under the Brownlee Racing banner, and adding value where I can in my new Player/Manager role.

“Unfortunately, I will miss the first supertri events in Boston/Chicago in August as I’ll be getting married, but look forward to making an impact at the rest of the series in London, Toulouse and Neom.”

Michael D’hulst, supertri CEO and Co-Founder, said: “I am delighted to welcome Brownlee Racing to supertri. Jonny and Alistair are synonymous with triathlon and have already done so much for the global profile of the sport, and their backing of supertri by becoming one of the first team licence owners is a major endorsement of what we are striving to achieve in developing the ‘Future of Triathlon’.

“Their values as athletes and as people will play a key role not only in shaping their team and therefore supertri’s vision, but will also support the growth of the sport they have already helped change forever as together with us they look to inspire more people to love triathlon.”

Alistair Brownlee, who has most recently been pairing his participation in long distance triathlon races with some gravel racing is intrigued to explore what they can achieve with Brownlee Racing, both within the sport of triathlon and beyond: “We are proud to have been involved with triathlon for the last 25 years and I look forward to the team helping to build a strong British future in the sport. But as I’ve been finding out recently, there’s a whole world of endurance racing beyond swim, bike, run and I’m excited about the possibilities for the team’s future.”

The Brownlee Foundation, which is dedicated to inspiring children through sport, will be Brownlee Racing’s charity beneficiary.

Richard Downey, Co-Founder of Blue Carpet Sports Management, the agency he started in partnership with the brothers, sees Brownlee Racing as the next piece of the Brownlee legacy jigsaw: “Brownlee Racing provides the perfect vehicle for the lads both to continue to compete – for as long as they want to – and to lay foundations for future endurance racing projects.

“The Brownlee Foundation is set up to support the grassroots of triathlon and sport, Brownlee Fitness supports aspiring age groupers to be the best version of themselves and Brownlee Racing operates at the elite end of sport. They’re both going to continue to be very actively involved.”

Brownlee Racing is backed by Blue Carpet Management and Present Ventures, a US-based capital and strategic advisory company.

Vansa Chatikavanij, Co-Founder of Present Ventures, believes that: “It is important to look for opportunities that have the potential to transform an entire ecosystem. Brownlee Racing, with its vision to create a world-class professional racing team in endurance sports is exactly the kind of investment we build our conviction around.”


supertri’s new Teams initiative is a strategic move designed to enhance the league’s resonance with fans and participants worldwide, amplifying the triathlon experience to unprecedented levels.

The four teams of four men and four women will compete in supertri’s League, beginning in 2024 in Boston on August 18. All teams must include an under-23 athlete in line with supertri’s commitment to developing the future of triathlon, and the teams will compete for a prize pot of $1.1m, which sits outside of individual prize money. The team franchise is purchased in perpetuity by its owner.

At the heart of supertri’s approach is the goal to empower franchisees to evolve teams into distinct brands. This empowerment is key to unlocking the untapped potential within the community and local markets to propel the sport forward.

Teams, in the supertri universe, are envisioned as much more than competitors; they are essential pillars for the promotion and growth of triathlon. Transitioning to franchise ownership, supertri is tapping into local enthusiasm, commitment, and insight to foster a deeper, more meaningful connection with the sport’s global audience.

As well as Brownlee Racing, the teams are: Podium Racing, managed by 4-time World Champion Tim Don, Stars & Stripes Racing, managed by Parker Spencer, and Crown Racing with a manager to be announced shortly.

Brownlee Racing begins competing in the supertri League 2024, which is as follows:

  • August 18: supertri Boston
  • August 25: supertri Chicago
  • September 8: supertri London
  • October 6: supertri Toulouse
  • November 3: supertri NEOM

Further announcements on Team Rosters, kit and the League will be made in the coming weeks.