BibBoards is proud to be a part of Emma Coburn`s Elk Run 5k Virtual race

September 22, 2020

BibBoards is proud to be a part of Emma Coburn`s Elk Run 5k Virtual race

BibBoards have always been excited to get involved with significant social events aimed to raise awareness and support healthcare, wellness, and environmental protection. In 2020 those kinds of campaigns are crucial as they unite humanity in the face of a common threat, inspire solidarity and collaboration between people and nations.

This year BibBoards will be an active participant of the Virtual Race on September 26th. Our flagship product – recyclable BibBoards – will be included in the race bag Of the US Olympic Runner Emma Coburn at the Elk Run 5k along with a hat, tote bag, mask, and other goodies. COVID-19 has remastered the format of the race entirely giving us the first in history Virtual Run. Recognizing the importance of quarantine restrictions as long as the demand for safety and comfort for the athlete, BibBoards comes up with an ultimate innovative solution. During the year of Emma Coburn`s Elk Run 5k, BibBoards are proud to demonstrate their multipurpose use from bib fastener and bbSNAPS to keep mask straps off your ears. Emma is going to use BibBoards to secure the bib onto a tee itself during the race and then use them to secure facemask for a more comfortable and advanced fit. The recyclable, multipurpose bbSNAPS that does not require any sewing or fabric piercing and are aimed at comfortable and secure fixing are an innovative and eco-friendly solution for vital ongoing demand for safety.

The annual non-profit fundraising races like the Elk Run 5k supported by the Living Journeys cancer support organization is an ultimate embodiment of the idea of common effort and moving forward towards the bright future of Humanity. BibBoards is proud to be a part of this significant event this year. With the help of an inspiring athlete Emma Coburn, we are excited to present our vision of how bbSNAPS is a multipurpose and a re-usable non-waste solution for the most acute problems that should not be an obstacle on the way to a noble purpose.

“We are so excited to have bibSNAPS in our Race Bags for the 4th year of Emma Coburn’s Elk Run 5k. We love the dual purpose of bbSNAPS- use them to pin the race bib onto a tee, then use them to secure a mask more comfortably every day after the race. Dual purpose and less waste is always a win! We are grateful to partner with BibBoards in this way to move towards a more sustainable race day experience for everyone.” Says Emma.

Performing at the present moment with bright perspectives in the future, bbSNAPS is an example of a simple yet efficient solution that expresses the main idea of the non-profit fundraising events aimed to help and support people during this uneasy period and in the face of whatever tomorrow might hold for us.

Working with Emma and her team was an exciting and easy journey. They share the perceptions of BibBoards of what people want in their everyday life and which of those solutions give us a hope to leave a better and cleaner planet for our children. The non-waste eco-friendly solutions of BibBoards are embodied in bbSNAPS that will be demonstrated by a recognized Olympic Runner this year. BibBoards is greatly honored and excited to be a part of such an important and significant social event in 2020.