Alta Cycling Group Provides Support for Retail Partners

April 30, 2020

Responding proactively to the COVID-19 crisis to assist dealers

KENT, Wash., April 30, 2020 — The COVID-19 crisis and ensuing recession continues to be a challenge that’s evolving week-by-week, making a challenging time even more of a struggle for Independent Bicycle Dealers (IBD’s).

The leadership of Alta Cycling Group, a premier cycling company and owner of the Diamondback and iZip brands, are committed to being the best partner possible to IBD’s. The group announces an assistance package to ease the challenges being faced by specialty retailers during the COVID-19 crisis and recession.

While the safety of employees, retailers and the cycling community is at the forefront of these decisions by Alta, the leadership team has also included business support tools to assist IBD’s as they work to serve an evolving COVID-19 consumer tethered to their browser.

“We’re well aware that the bike industry is experiencing a boom of sorts, while concurrently going through vast changes in the retail landscape. It’s a challenge like none other we’ve seen in this community,” said Larry Pizzi, Chief Commercial Officer of Alta Cycling Group. “Shops are very busy with bike builds and may not have the time needed to tend to social media and digital marketing, so we’re offering tools to support these efforts so they can stay connected to their consumers.

“Additionally, we’re working to ease the burden of the cost of doing business with freight allowance policies and fixed-rate shipping options. We’re strongly committed to being the best partner to IBD’s during this time.”

What follows are the accommodations being provided by Alta to its IBD partners:

  1. Free enrollment in Promoboxx, a digital communications platform that can make it simple to increase online awareness, engagement and to generate sales.
  2. Allowing to sell and ship all Alta Cycling Group brands online, while following Alta MAP pricing, assembly requirements and consumer service policies.
  3. An Interim freight allowance policy, reducing the threshold from $3000, down to $1500. per order. (Dealer accounts must meet 2020 program commitment levels).
  4. Fixed-Rate shipping, primarily affecting special orders of one or two bicycles:


ITEM TYPE                                                        SHIPPING CHARGE

YOUTH BIKES (24″ WHEEL AND SMALLER)                      $30

ADULT BIKES, STANDARD                                                      $65

ADULT BIKES, OVERSIZED*                                                    $85


Alta encourages dealers to continue to adhere to all safety guidelines while continuing to provide exceptional service for their customers during this difficult time.

For additional dealer information please visit www.altacycling.com

 About Alta Cycling Group

Alta Cycling Group is a premier cycling company offering mid-range to upper level bicycles, bicycle parts, and accessories to North America. Our brands include Diamondback, Redline, iZip, Haibike, Redline and Ghost. Alta is committed to constant innovation, cutting edge technology and providing the best possible experience for our customers.