Alchemy Bikes Creates Certified Service Center Network with Beeline Connect

February 8, 2022

Iconic boutique brand expands its direct-from-fabricator-to-rider model by offering innovative service option

Denver, Colorado (February 8, 2022) /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – In an innovative effort to improve service options on their direct-to- rider bikes, while also advancing its commitment to bike shops, Alchemy Bikes is excited to announce it is expanding its relationship with Beeline Connect to establish a nationwide network of Certified Alchemy  Service Centers who are specifically trained to service Alchemy’s premium bikes.

By adding local bike stores to its Service Center map, Beeline Connect – an online platform that connects riders, retailers and brands so consumers can order a bike and pick it up at a local shop ready to ride –the Beeline Connect partnership will provide added value to Alchemy’s new and existing consumers: They’ll enjoy easily accessible information on where to get their bikes serviced, through Beeline Connect’s nationwide network of more than 1,200 bicycle retailers actively. And they can be extra confident since these Service Centers are hand-picked by Alchemy to provide the best service.

“It is a natural addition to Beeline Connect’s fulfillment program that Alchemy has been using for the past two years,” said Ryan Cannizzaro, Founder of Alchemy Bikes. “We have many existing customers who look to us when their bikes need service, and this turnkey Service Center map is exactly the solution we needed.

“There’s this idea out there that direct-to-consumer brands are anti-bike shops. But Alchemy is a big supporter of local shops and mechanics: Our bikes are meticulously crafted, and the service they receive after purchase should be just as meticulous ,” adds Cannizzaro. “We believe this is a way for participating stores to generate extra service business while Alchemy Bikes riders can be assured of the quality of that service.”

Retailers like Alchemy Bikes can request to be included in the Service Center map through the Beeline Connect dashboard using their free Bridge subscription. Alchemy can then approve or deny a specific retailer’s request to be a servicer of Alchemy bicycles.”

Founded in Denver in 2008, Alchemy has built an outstanding reputation for making some of the industry’s most coveted carbon and titanium road, gravel and mountain bikes, most of which are handcrafted, designed – including developing their own carbon-fiber and laying up the tubing – and assembled in their Denver facility. This artisan approach has helped garner numerous awards for their bikes, including six NAHBS awards for their bikes and carbon layup.

The Service Center map complements Beeline Connect’s Fulfillment, Live Data, and Dealer Locator products. By connecting the brand’s online presence with an in-market professional mechanic, it not only provides security for new riders looking to buy a bicycle online, it also answers the question for existing owners about where to service their bicycle. The Service Center map allows brands to display customized badging, brand-specific colors and fonts and six different map themes to choose from.

Starting with Alchemy Bikes, Beeline Connect has begun rolling out their Service Center maps to their existing brands. More information can be found at beelineconnect.com/brands or by emailing subscriptions@beelineconnect.com.

About Beeline Connect

Beeline Connect benefits bicycle brands, and retailers by aligning their sales strategy and user experience of complementing their web presence with in-market support. Beeline Connect’s SaaS platform has facilitated more than 100,000 fulfillments and service appointments for riders buying bicycles, bicycle components or booking online appointments. Beeline Connect’s proprietary platform provides plug-and-play solutions and customized integrations for both bicycle retailers and bicycle brands.

About Alchemy Bikes

Known for their handmade and customizable builds, Alchemy Bicycles crafts the finest gravel, road, and mountain bikes available. Alchemy holds themselves to the highest standard using cutting-edge technology, quality craftsmanship, and carbon fiber and titanium materials. Using a direct-fabricator-to-rider model, customers work directly with their builder to craft a perfectly tailored ride and experience. For more information on Alchemy, please visit AlchemyBicycles.com