A Community that Rocks, Go Behind the Scenes with Diamondback on the Creation of the Get Amped Campaign

May 19, 2021

Diamondback enlisted the help of local PNW agencies and artists to help pull off its latest marketing campaign

KENT, Wash., (May, 19 2021) Diamondback Bicycles launched a new collection of ebikes in early April with the help of regional artists and creators to produce its comprehensive Get Amped campaign. Pulling inspiration from Seattle’s rock and roll history and the play on words of electric vs. acoustic bikes, Diamondback and branding agency Okaybro were able to create a campaign that showcased both Diamondback’s grit and some of Seattle’s best local talent.

“Diamondback’s entrance into the quickly growing ebike market was something we are proud to be a part of,” said David Taylor, founder of Okaybro. “Their roots in Seattle, alongside so much rock music history inspired us to create “Get Amped”. Which plays on the high energy analogy, connecting the feeling of amplified music to the excitement of riding these new bikes. The end result was a comprehensive campaign that not only spoke to Diamondback’s spirit, but gave all of our collaborators the creative freedom to express that energy.”

Music is used as a touchstone throughout the campaign, from the cinematography to the illustrations used on wild postings that evoke old school rock posters. DPM Projects and director/editor Jason Beattie– best known for his work with Kygo, Lexus and Reebok – brings to life the juxtaposition of Diamondback’s two new sides – the soulful acoustic mountain bike ride and the fast electric world of downtown Seattle in the promotional video for the Get Amped Campaign.

Well known Rock Poster illustrators Victor Melendez (who has worked with Phish, Tom Morello, Death Cab for Cutie and more) and Ryan Duggan (who has worked with Superchunk, Leon Bridges and Childish Gambino) created vibrant artwork that was ‘tagged’ around the perimeters of key retailers, spreading the Get Amped message with old school style. Lastly, core mountain bike photographer Paris Gore acted as a key member of the team and translated Diamondback’s mountain bike spirit into its newest electric iteration. For a behind the scenes look at the creation of the Get Amped video click here.

The marketing team worked on creating tangible excitement with retailers and athletes before physical samples of the bikes arrived. Authorized Diamondback retailers and the athlete team were sent acoustic guitar or pinatas filled with Get Amped-branded candy, cycling caps, t-shirts, pins and stickers, inviting an energetic destruction that reflects the level of excitement one can expect from a ride on the new ebikes.

With the surge of new bike customers and the specific demand for ebikes, Diamondback was eager to add this new collection into their roster of bikes. One of Diamondback’s core missions has always been to get more people on bikes and this new collection continues that brand mission. With this fully integrated campaign Diamondback took advantage of their omni-channel sales model, using their own website to educate consumers on ebikes, as well as drive traffic to independent bike shops via their dealer locator on the website.

“I’ve spent the last twenty years of my career in the bicycle industry supporting the proliferation of ebikes into the market,” said Larry Pizzi, CCO of Alta Cycling Group. “They make cycling more accessible to a diverse group of Americans who are interested in bike riding to improve their health and wellbeing but are challenged by terrain and long distances. They are also a perfect transportation alternative for those commuting in densely populated urban areas. We’re proud that Diamondback has begun expanding its offerings to include ebikes, and thus enabling more people to ride a bicycle than ever before.”

As the bike community continues to grow Diamondback is eager to continue their work of creating bikes for all riders.

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About Diamondback Bicycles:

Born in Camarillo, California, in 1978 and today based in Kent, Washington, Diamondback designs and builds performance bicycles for every rider at every level. With roots in the BMX world, and ongoing innovations in road, triathlon, and full-suspension mountain technologies, Diamondback continues to build a legacy of quality, service, and community. For more about Diamondback Bicycles, visit www.diamondback.com.