2 Buck Stuck – BibBoards is launching a campaign meant to reboot the endurance sports industry.

June 8, 2021

BibBoards – a company known widely in the sports community for their innovative, customizable bibSNAPS launches a new campaign to encourage and support endurance sports athletes and help the whole industry renovate adopting safe and sustainable technologies.

Knowing that each tiny detail can be a crucial success factor, BibBoards comes with the solution that helps athletes enhance their performance, stay safe, and express themselves with their innovative recyclable bib clips.

More than 200,000 runners, walkers, riders, and mudder participants have already chosen BibBoards over the outdated traditional safety pins. They appreciate those innovative and customizable solutions for safety and comfort, perfect bibSNAP clip that does helps with aerodynamics and would not destroy the bibs or the apparel they wear at an event.

Today BibBoards is launching “Box “O” BibBoards so that the endurance sports events could provide them to the participants allowing more athletes to experience and enjoy all the product’s benefits.

After participating in over 1000 events in 3 years and receiving rave reviews from more than 17,000 customers, BibBoards has recognized that each small detail matters on the way to success. Today the company sees taking care of the athlete’s safety and comfort as one of its primary goals. Box “O” BibBoards and the “$2 Buck Stuck” campaign are meant to help events have an affordable swag item that participants want and will re-use at every event they participate in.

“We have made the decision to lower pricing as low as $.25 each and with our $2 Buck Stuck program we aim to help events offer a recyclable swag option that is something we know participants want,” Says Brian Goodell, Founder of BibBoards.

Ironically, the accessory called “Safety Pin” is one of the most hazardous elements in an athlete’s apparel and environment. Not only is it outdated, does not provide any customization options, and is tremendously non-aesthetic, but it can become a source of injury or even a severe health hazard.

Once deformed or unlocked, a safety pin can injure an athlete, causing severe pain and jeopardizing the performance. To think of it, years of preparation and rigorous training may go in vain due to just one safety pin. Moreover, penetrating the skin during the competition and unsanitary safety pin can cause severe infection, blood sepsis, and numerous other health complications.

Left all over race courses, race track, stadiums, parks, and trails, safety pins become a hazard for people who walk or exercise there as well as dogs and local fauna. Unrecyclable, those pins are dangerous for the ecosystem. Getting rid of them would be a chance for the endurance sports industry to step towards mindful and sustainable operation and start a new chapter in its history, making it a part eco-friendly movement. With the rising popularity of endurance sports events, the industry must promote ethical and sustainable technologies.

That is why BibBoards do their best to displace safety pins from traditional athletic apparel and provide a safer, more reliable, yet affordable alternative. Moreover, our product allows athletes to boost up their expression and self-presentation and opens new collaboration perspectives. Over 250 brands that worked with BibBoards acknowledged the quality and efficiency of the product.

The $2 Buck Stuck Campaign is a chance for endurance sports events organizers to partake in the renewal and restoration of the industry of the post-Coronavirus era. It is an opportunity for enthusiastic athletes to broaden their horizons, enhance their performance and adopt innovative solutions, focus on their passion without the danger of being injured or destroy their apparel.

Let us all come back to active life together and build a safer, cleaner, and sustainable sports community.

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BibBoards INC designs and sells products that improve self-expression. Their main product is the bib fasteners for runners, which provides a safe and environmentally friendly way to participate in a race.

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