UltrAspire Athlete Magdalena Boulet Wins 33rd Marathon Des Sables

April 23rd, 2018

UltrAspire Athlete Magdalena Boulet Wins 33rd Marathon Des Sables

Magda emerges victorious among 1200 international runners

(St. George, Utah) – Magdalena, also known as Magda is a runner from Oakland, California. She was born in Poland but became a citizen of the United States on September 11, 2001.  Magda finished second place at the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Women’s Marathon.  Magda has competed and done well in many races over her career, one very pivotal race was her debut 100-mile race Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run in 2015 which she won.  Magda is a highly focused, goal driven endurance athlete with a background in swimming which ultimately proved to be very helpful throughout her career in running.

The Marathon Des Sables is a multi-day, self-supported ultra-marathon that lasts six days over a course between 150 and 156 miles. On top of everything, you will be running in 120 degree heat while carrying all necessary items to complete the race with you. The MDS allows for a rest day after the longest stage of the race which is about 55 miles, although it could take you well into that day before you finish the long stage.  In summary, the Marathon Des Sables is not for the faint of heart. 

Magdalena would be running the MDS in a prototype pack built by the owner and founder of UltrAspire, Bryce Thatcher. “Although the distance of this race is similar to ones I have done in the past, it is a self-supported, staged race which required me to carry a lot more weight than I am used to. In the months leading up to the race I began hiking with a 20 pound weighted backpack, eventually I was running with it. I know the pack was much heavier than what I would need, but I wanted to be sure that at the beginning of the race that my pack didn’t feel so heavy,” Magdalena said. 

Magda used strategy to plan how she was going to attack this monster of a race. “I looked at the race as a whole, and each stage I figured out where my strengths would play the best. Stage 4 was the longest stage and I was putting all my cards on the table to really be strong that day which meant being smart on all the days leading up to it, not leaving everything on the course so I had nothing to give, but also not leaving to little to where I fell too far behind.” 

“When I crossed the finish line it was such a mix of emotion. I was so happy and proud, and relieved to have completed the race. I could see the finish line from a mile away and I wanted it so bad for so many reasons. During that last mile I was just taking it all in, the whole journey that happened because it was really special to me,” Magda Said. 

Magda has big plans for the next few years and is excited to train hard and compete in many of other big name races. 

About UltrAspire:
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UltrAspire Athlete Magdalena Boulet Wins 33rd Marathon Des Sables

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