Two Olympians Sign with Sound Probiotics

March 17th, 2015

Two Olympians Sign with Sound Probiotics

Renowned Triathlete and Mountain Biker are First Officially Sponsored Athletes

Minneapolis, MN (March 17, 2015) – Just weeks after Sound Probiotics debuted with its Sport Formula, the upstart brand has signed two US Olympic athletes as the first of its ambassadors – and industry buzz suggests that list will expand quickly with more world-class and age-group athletes.

One of the world’s best middle- and long-distance triathletes over the past decade-plus, Matty Reed ( is a former Olympian (he would have been a two-time Olympian but for citizenship issues) and US National Champion, who has also posted wins at illustrious races like Escape From Alcatraz, Boulder Peak Triathlon, US Olympic Trials, Chicago Triathlon, and many others. He’s also an upcoming coach, with dozens of pros and elites under his tutelage.

One of Sound’s earliest pro testers, Matty raves, “Since finding this product in November 2014 my health has never been better. I have three kids so it is almost impossible to not catch something, but this is the first winter I can remember that I haven’t caught a bug! I have also been feeling amazing in training. Sound probiotics is the only thing I have done different from my normal routine. Thank you! I’m on track for a killer season in 2015 and hopefully 2016 as well!”

Incredibly, Matty is not the only Olympian to join forces with this new product – US MTB Olympian Sam Shultz ( has also partnered with Sound Probiotics, after months of testing them out. This nine-time US World-Championships Team member grabbed the Bronze Medal in the Team Relay at the 2007 World’s and was also the 2006 US National Champion (U23).

He too raves about the benefits of Sound’s eight carefully selected probiotic strains that target the unique needs of serious athletes: “Sound Probiotics are legit! They kept my gut health in check during a six-week bout of gnarly IV antibiotics. I feel healthier overall when I’m taking them, so I’ve been hooked ever since! Can’t wait to see how the season progresses – after some injury-riddled seasons, it’s great to feel strong and fast again.”

Both athletes say they understand well that while there are plenty of “quick-fixes” that claim to help you run farther or bike faster come race day, Sound is focused more on the long haul – helping athletes remain healthy enough to continue training so they can maximize efforts and excel at a chosen race, events or personal goal. Matty and Sam are fully aware that, as the Sound motto goes, “You can’t stand on the podium if you’re not in the race.”

Co-founder and ultra-endurance, multisport competitor Dr. Mark Stephany, an internal medicine physician in his “spare” time, says, “We’re blown away to have such illustrious athletes so excited about using and representing our product. Just a few months ago we were hoping just to get a few age-groupers – now we’ve got some of the best in the world! It’s truly testament to the quality and efficacy of the product. Both of these athletes were using Sound Probiotics successfully long before we even discussed a partnership.”

Mark’s brother and co-founder Ted Stephany adds, “The response has been overwhelming. We’ve watched these two excel for years at the highest level, and now they’re looking to our product to keep them performing at that level and beyond. It’s truly humbling. We’re so thrilled to have them on board!”

Mark and Ted add that while specifics are still unfolding, there are a few other key relationships that should be announced soon, and again featuring athletes at the highest levels of their sports. Stay tuned.

About Sound Probiotics

We didn’t set out to start a supplement company. We set out to compete in some of the most epic races around the world. However, balancing life, training and racing takes its toll on a body. Knowing that the overall health of an athlete is every bit as important as what happens on race day we knew that probiotics could help improve our health and immunity. But we couldn’t find a product willing to put in the laps in the pool with us. So we created Sound Probiotics. Our probiotic is designed by athletes and backed by science. As athletes we train too hard and sacrifice too much to not optimize every part of our training and recovery. Sound Probiotics was started so that every athlete can have the confidence to train and compete at the highest level: Because you can’t stand on the podium if you’re not in the race.

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