Successful Rebranding Year for F2C Nutrition Inc.

November 29th, 2017

Successful Rebranding Year for F2C Nutrition Inc.

Vancouver, B.C. – F2C Nutrition Inc., known for premium sports nutrition products and internationally recognized for quality and innovation, has spent the last year in rebranding mode.  Formerly known as PhD Nutrition Inc., F2C Nutrition Inc., was launched in late 2016. While 2017 has marked a successfully transitioning of brands F2C is looking forward to 2018.  The desire to rebrand was fueled by the passion of President and CEO Greg Cowan, an endurance enthusiast with 30 years in the performance and wellness industry. Wanting to move the brand fully into the endurance market with a more endurance focused look, F2C – First to Cross, freshened up the logo and name but the quality and dedication to athlete focused products have remained the same.

In the industry, PhD Nutrition Inc. has long been known for clean, natural, quality products and this has not changed in the rebranding, in fact the entire product line has transitioned to F2C Nutrition.  Favourites like  Rehab 3:1, GlycoDurance, PharmaPure, PharmaGreens, ElectroDurance and UltraDurance have lead the way.  Name changes were in order for a few items in the line including Battery +/- now known as HydraDurance, PharmaWhey now known as Whey Pure and Diet Whey and Diet VeganPure now known as WheyPure Energy and VeganPure Energy respectively.

F2C Nutrition Inc. continues the PhD Nutrition Inc. commitment to a high standard of testing with products carrying the Informed-Sport Logo assuring athletes that every batch of product is tested for substances considered prohibited in sport by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).  Having F2C Nutrition Inc. products with Informed-Sport certification is an additional layer of accountability in a nutritional supplement industry where athletes need to be cautious about their nutrition.  F2C Nutrition Inc. is one of only a handful of sports nutrition brands worldwide who are Informed-Sport certified. “Athletes who use our products can count on this rigorous quality control when they are planning for their nutritional needs” says F2C  Nutrition Inc. President and CEO Greg Cowan.

With the rebranding complete F2C Nutrition is excited about the upcoming 2018 season.  In terms of the product line up, athletes can look forward to some new cutting edge products with some amazing natural ingredients that will fill out the line and complement the current F2C products.  Continuing to be athlete focused and science driven, F2C Nutrition is looking forward to 2018!

About Informed Sport

Informed-Sport was created in 2008 and currently there are in excess of 420 products registered on the programme. Informed-Sport provides quality assurance for more than 80 brands/manufacturers in 15 countries across the world.

About F2C Nutrition Inc.

F2C Nutrition is an athlete focused, science driven sports-nutrition company, supporting athletes by delivering premium quality, clean products.  We believe nutrition education is key to an athlete’s performance and success. F2C Nutrition is Informed Sport Certified. F2C Nutrition products carrying the Informed Sport Logo undergoes rigorous testing and assures athletes that every batch of our product is tested for substances considered prohibited in sport by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Learn more about F2C Nutrition at   Follow F2C Nutrition on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

F2C Nutrition Inc

Successful Rebranding Year for F2C Nutrition Inc.

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