Sound Probiotics Launches Endurance Sport Formula

March 11th, 2015

Sound Probiotics Launches Endurance Sport Formula

First-ever probiotics supplement formulated specifically for endurance athletes

Minneapolis, MN (March 11, 2015) – While the numerous benefits of probiotics – “good” bacteria that naturally live in the gut and benefit the digestive and immune systems – are well established, there has yet to be a supplement with the optimal strains and dosage for endurance athletes. Enter Sound Probiotics: scientifically formulated to meet the specific rigors of the endurance athlete.

Sound’s eight carefully selected probiotic strains target the unique needs of those who train and/or race regularly, pushing their bodies to the physical limits, thereby increasing the risk of GI tract issues and upper respiratory illness. Plus they’ve also included Beta-Glucan, a critical “prebiotic,” to the mix, which works as a catalyst with the other strains, increasing their effectiveness, while adding its own natural health benefits.

US National Triathlon Champ Matty Reed raves, “I usually get sick around now. Everyone has been sick in my family like two times each of the last two to three months, but I have had hardly anything. I am continuing to take them every day. Thank you! They obviously work VERY well for health benefits.”

Sam Schultz, 2012 Olympian and U.S. National Champion in Mountain Biking, agrees, “I’ve been loving the Sound probiotics. They got my gut working properly way quicker than I expected. I am definitely more confident in my training, specifically in my consistency. All-in-all I am psyched with the product.”

There are plenty of “quick-fixes” that claim to help you run farther or bike faster come race day, but the competitive athletes (and brothers) behind Sound are focused more on the long haul – making sure you remain healthy enough to continue training so you can maximize your efforts and excel at your chosen races, events or personal goals. Their motto is “You can’t stand on the podium if you’re not in the race.”

Co-founder and ultra-endurance, multisport competitor Dr. Mark Stephany, an internal medicine physician in his “spare” time, adds, “Training and racing is a double-edged sword – we become better physically in so many ways, but our immunity can suffer – and when you add in work, travel, etc., it just adds to this tremendous amount of stress. We’ve all sacrificed so much for training and racing over the years, and no one wants to miss a day of training, let alone a race, because of illness!”

“There are many different strains of probiotic out there,” adds co-founder and multisport age-grouper Ted Stephany. “They all offer different benefits in the body. We’ve selected the eight best strains, in the optimal dosages, for endurance athletes and enthusiasts alike, that bolster nutrient absorption, amino acid uptake and Vitamin B production. And they all aid in reducing GI upset and respiratory infections.”

But how does something aid at digestive tract wellness aid in upper respiratory infections? About 70% of the immune system is actually located in the digestive track. A simple explanation: When you exert great physical effort, blood is diverted from your gut and toxins “leak” in to the bloodstream, weakening the immune system and increasing inflammation. Among other things, probiotics provide a barrier so fewer toxins can leak through.

And Sound probiotics provides the strongest and most complete combination to maximize these benefits, especially in athletes. As Ted puts it, “That bottle of kombucha isn’t enough for competitive athletes. We designed Sound Probiotics with the concentration research shows we athletes need. No bowl of sauerkraut is going to get you close.”

About Sound Probiotics

We didn’t set out to start a supplement company. We set out to compete in some of the most epic races around the world. However, balancing life, training and racing takes its toll on a body. Knowing that the overall health of an athlete is every bit as important as what happens on race day we knew that probiotics could help improve our health and immunity. But we couldn’t find a product willing to put in the laps in the pool with us. So we created Sound Probiotics. Our probiotic is designed by athletes and backed by science. As athletes we train too hard and sacrifice too much to not optimize every part of our training and recovery. Sound Probiotics was started so that every athlete can have the confidence to train and compete at the highest level: Because you can’t stand on the podium if you’re not in the race.


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Sound Probiotics Launches Endurance Sport Formula

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