Race Director University Announces Advanced Certification Program – Level III

October 8th, 2017

Race Director University Announces Advanced Certification Program – Level III

RDU launches an Advanced Certification Program Level III for Industry Retailers

Race Director University, The First National Certification Program for Race Directors launches their Advanced Certification Program – Level III.

The Level III program will be held prior to The Running Event Conference in Austin, Texas, November 27-28, 2017 at the University of Texas at Austin – Thompson Convention Center.

The goal of Race Director University is to elevate the running industry’s core of race directors, newly hired race directors and prospective race directors from local, regional, state and not-for-profits, parks, running clubs and event and race management services who will enroll in classroom instruction.

Level III is advanced training and recommended for anyone over five years in the sporting and special events industry, although you can also be new to the industry and gain enough knowledge to have the confidence to help you and your agency develop an inaugural race without the majority of the work being outsourced.

“Currently, we have been offering a Level I and II program that is classroom only. The online feature is coming out soon but the interplay of the new debate scenario might put this online segment back up on the shelf,” said Gregory Evans, President and CEO of Race Director University.

The debate project is designed to focus on information that is relevant for the industry; however, it can’t be found in any operation manuals, books or blogs. The debate concept is not new for educators, but to have it as a replacement instead of an exam, could be challenging and intimating for attendees.

The Advanced Certification Program (Level III) is parallel to a 400-level course at major university. It was structured for individuals who have at least five years or more experience in fitness, recreation or active lifestyle modalities. The focus of this advanced program integrates specific challenges for the retail running and endurance industry market who also produce or sponsor road races nationwide.

The Running Event Conference runs from November 28 – December 1 and will be held at the Austin Convention Center which is about two miles away from The University of Texas at Austin.

The benefit to become certified outweighs the risk to be challenged spending money and years in litigation regarding a wrong decision that you made, a major mishap or worst yet, death at your event due to a lack of your volunteer supervision or training, missing signage or equipment, or some other catastrophic incident that could have been prevented, period.

This certification is geared toward advancing the race directors’ skills, understanding liability, insurance, public health, communication, signage, diversity, ethics, supervision, surveillance, merchandising and general legal concepts on method and strategy.

The debate program is geared for practitioners in event production and the road race industry who make daily decisions regarding management and operations. The debate paradigm will provide criteria packed with debatable strategies where the individual and team members will learn to engage in a (SWOT) strength, weakness, opportunities and threats analysis and be forced to make critical decisions in a fraction of the time, forcing them to work through logistical strategies that may impact their businesses and events.

All attendees will receive instructional materials, t-shirt, list of other attendees, supplies from sponsors and discount registration on The Running Event Conference, November 28 – December 1.

Information and registration for The Running Event Conference, Austin Convention Center. Link TRE

The registration fee for the program is $250.00 until November 11th and then $299.00.

Registration is available at Eventbrite.com

Hotel information is separate and a link will be online at our site.

The complete itinerary is listed online at www.racedirectorU.com.


For more information:
Gregory Evans, President & CEO
E: greg.evans@racedirectorU.com
M. 630.327.1619


Race Director University is the first national certification program for race directors, established in 2012. Road Race Management is a non-regulated industry. There are no academic degrees offered to signify an individual as a “race director.” Training and development is a lifelong learning skill, there is no finish line.

Race Director University

Race Director University Announces Advanced Certification Program – Level III

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