Pete Rose Nominated to Mountain Bike Hall of Fame

March 20th, 2017

Rose’s contributions to mountain biking, to sport in general, and for that matter to the human race are undeniable

Boulder, CO. While Pete Rose may be waiting for proper recognition from Cooperstown, today, he has been nominated to the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame, for his contributions to the sport of Mountain Biking. Nominated by cycling industry veteran, Jasen Thorpe, Rose’s contributions to mountain biking, to sport in general, and for that matter to the human race are undeniable. If his nomination is accepted by the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame, members will be able to vote on Rose’s induction later this year. Should Rose be voted into the Hall, his induction ceremony will take place at the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame in September, 2017, cementing his legacy and honoring him with long overdue hall of fame recognition.

In support of the nomination, Thorpe, a former Mountain Bike journalist, still active in the industry through Thorpe Marketing, said, “I mean, duh. Inducting Rose into MBHoF is as obvious as putting mountain bike disc brake technology on road bikes.”

Full text of the nomination follows:

Born in 1941 in Cincinnati, Ohio, it didn’t take long for Peter Edward Rose Sr, equally known by his nickname, Charlie Hustle, to make his entry into the world of mountain biking. A Rose representative that I spoke with a number of years back reluctantly almost confirmed this when she stated, “I’d imagine that he may have ridden a bike early in life like many other children.” Prompted, she also confirmed that she would guess that Rose rode his bike on a number of surfaces and types of terrain, likely placing him among the earliest know pioneers of mountain biking in the US.

Rose’s contributions to mountain biking would not be limited to pioneering and participation. While he was drawn away from the sport of mountain biking for some time, as he worked to carve out a living in professional baseball, his contributions to the well-being of off-road cycling continued and continue to this day, particularly in terms of business leadership and inspiration to any number of leaders and companies within the mountain bike industry. As importantly, his future promotional value to the sport can be neither estimated nor understated, should he win induction to the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. Further, inducting Rose to the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame would send a clear signal to the world of the welcoming social nature of mountain bikers in general, making Rose an even more valuable ambassador to the sport.

In support of these claims, and to showcase other areas of Rose’s past generosity to mountain biking, and potential future value to the sport, I submit the following:

  • Rode a bike on dirt as early as the mid-1940’s [probably].
  • Clearly belongs in a hall of fame
  • Leading by example, Rose’s relentless pursuit of new revenue streams, both during his time as a professional athlete and in retirement, have been an inspiration to many in the bike industry
  • Fits pattern of inducting old guys named Charlie into MBHoF
  • Induction would make Mark Riedy, Bill Strickland, and probably some other bike people happy
  • Rose shows up early and leaves late every year from Interbike, and for a reasonable fee is always readily willing to share his time or merchandise with anyone in the bike industry
  • We can only induct Dave House once, so now what?
  • MLB stats leader in hitting for the (bi)cycle
  • Took the opportunity to highlight cycling in the 70’s, through a well-publicized advertising campaign including a spot in Boys’ life, in which Rose encouraged the youth of the day to “Wear a BIKE.” (Yeah, the wording is a little weird, but still.)
    • Related: some construed the advert to suggest that Rose was actually advocating that youth wear a BIKE cup, placing Rose decades ahead of Roger Minkow in advocating that cyclists and others protect their junk

While it is plainly evident that Rose’s accomplishments and contributions to the sport of mountain biking could fill any number of pages, these ten examples more than show Rose’s value to the sport and worthiness to be included in the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. Please join me in urging the MBHoF committee to place Rose where he belongs: on the Hall of Fame ballot. And then join me in voting him into the Hall later this year.

Jasen Thorpe
Mountain Biker

Thorpe Marketing

Pete Rose Nominated to Mountain Bike Hall of Fame

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Jasen Thorpe

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