New Endurance Sport Social Analytics Data – competitor benchmarking on more than 720 brands

March 8th, 2018

New Endurance Sport Social Analytics Data – competitor benchmarking on more than 720 brands

(March 8th, 2018) – Specialist research & consultancy firm MultiSport Research has released its new Endurance Sport Social Analytics (ESSA) Data tool, a comprehensive datasheet that benchmarks 720+ leading international endurance sport companies across social media. The newly launched ESSA Data builds on the recently introduced ESSA Gear and ESSA Media reports from MultiSport Research.

Analyzing the latest insights for the Feb 2nd, 2018 to Mar 1st, 2018 period, the ESSA Data gives perspective and insight to what the competition is doing.

“From small operators and start-ups through to large endurance sport brands, all are literally banking on social media,” said MultiSport Research founder and Managing Director, Gary Roethenbaugh. “Given the extensive spend on paid-boosted posts within social, the endurance sport industry should carefully analyze the trends in what is becoming an increasingly diverse social landscape.”

He continued, “Using the ESSA Data, benchmarking against competitors and assessing key performance indicators (KPIs) across the various industry categories, brands can have a more cost-effective and impactful social media strategy.”

From 2XU through to Zwift, and encompassing the largest through to the smallest operators, the ESSA Data encompasses five main categories: Gear, Coaches, Media, Retail and Races.

‘Data nuggets’ include:

  • 2478 social profiles analysed for 720+ endurance sport companies
  • 75,433 social posts across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube
  • 90,366,973 social interactions
  • For all companies included in the analysis, Instagram has an average post interaction of 3.54% vs 0.31% for Facebook and 0.09% for Twitter
  • Different companies prioritize different social channels; adidas has the highest number of fans in Facebook (33m), whereas Nike has the highest followers in Instagram (75m) and Twitter (7.4m), and Global Cycling Network (GCN) has the highest subscriber rate in YouTube (1.3m)
  • In the past month, Instagram had the highest average weekly endurance sport follower growth, with 0.75%, while YouTube registered a 0.50% uplift in followers

“The new ESSA Data tracks and benchmarks how 720+ endurance sport brands are currently leveraging Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube,” said MultiSport Research’s North America Director Kate Morefield.

“Using this data, and benchmarking against KPIs for activity across social media, a company can see how its marketing efforts have the potential to improve.”

The March 2018 edition of the ESSA Data is available as an extensive Excel data workbook detailing 720+ companies across the four social platforms and all key performance indicators. The ESSA Data is priced at US$650 / £490 (data for the Feb 2nd, 2018 to Mar 1st, 2018 period). Available now via

About Endurance Sport Social Analytics Data and reports

The ESSA Data and the recently introduced ESSA Gear and ESSA Media reports offer detailed analysis drilling down into sub-categories. This data helps companies answer key strategic questions, such as:

  • How do we compare against our competitor brands?
  • What can we learn from social media activity undertaken by others?
  • What types of post are most likely to resonate with the athlete community?
  • What types of image, post text and subject matter is most successful?

About MultiSport Research

Established in 2010, MultiSport Research (MSR) specialises in market insight and analysis services for the global endurance sport industry. Its services are independent, vigorously researched & strictly confidential.

To help the endurance sport industry continue its path to growth, MSR offers a core suite of services. These include: category & market quantification; consumer insight; benchmarking & competitor analysis; event services; and consulting.

Alongside these services, the MSR team keep their finger on the pulse through industry news site: Feel free stop by the news site, sign-up for daily e-mail news and follow us on social to check out the latest industry developments.

For more information on MSR, please visit

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New Endurance Sport Social Analytics Data – competitor benchmarking on more than 720 brands

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