MODe Reinvents Sports Nutrition With Combination of Freshness & Performance

July 13th, 2017

MODe Reinvents Sports Nutrition With Combination of Freshness & Performance

Advised by ex-NFL star Donovan McNabb and Olympian Julie Ertel, along with execs at Google, Nike, and Promax, MODe aims to engineer whole-food athletic performance


(July 13th, 2017) Huntington Beach, CA— California-based MODe today launched a line of cold-pressed sports nutrition beverages targeted at increasing performance during each of the three workout modes: pre, intra, and post. The all-natural drinks utilize a proprietary blend of fruits, vegetables and natural extracts, providing athletes with a spectrum of general nutrition and exact dosages of active ingredients to aid performance.

“MODe differs from other sports nutrition products because it’s a whole-foods juice packed with nutrients, specifically formulated for athletes. Couple that with all-natural active performance ingredients and you have something completely unique on the market.” says MODe CEO and co-founder Tammo Walter. “We are on the forefront of what we call functional food products, leveraging scientific insights in health and sports performance to provide nutrition for a very particular purpose.”

MODe is for anyone who wants both, improving performance and health. “We use ingredients that are scientifically proven to deliver results and all are compliant with the World Anti Doping Association (WADA) guidelines,” says COO and co-founder Nikki Halbur, who previously started the #1 ranked brand of Entrepreneur’s “100 Brilliant Companies” (2012), the Adult Beverage Company.

MODe has also assembled a high-caliber advisory board, made up of executives from Nike, Google and ProMax as well as elite athletes Julie Ertel, a silver Olympian and 2x Pan Am Triathlon gold medalist, and former NFL QB Donovan McNabb. Much like MODe’s products, this powerhouse group is committed to delivering results.

“When you train hard and try to maximize your performance, the right nutrition can be the deciding factor over winning or losing. But it’s not just important in the heat of the moment, it’s crucial for long term results and health too, especially as athletes across all disciplines have longer careers,” said Donovan McNabb, retired Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and MODe advisory board member. “When I started as an athlete all of that was way less dialed in, the role of nutrition was highly underestimated.”

MODe currently offers three products. A pre-workout beet and pomegranate booster to increase endurance and power, a mango and ginger intra-workout shot to prevent cramping and increase energy levels, and a cucumber, kale and spinach booster that decreases inflammation and speeds up recovery.

All products will retail for $54.99/case, including shipping (1 case = six 8-ounce beverages or 10 2-ounce shots, price includes cold-packed overnight delivery), and will be sold direct-to-consumer online via, and in single beverages through select Rapha Cycle Club cafes.

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About MODe

Ideated by athletes, formulated by nutritionists and scientists, MODe is the world’s first cold-pressed liquid food using all natural ingredients proven to optimize performance and improve recovery. Designed for the athlete who strives to achieve their peak and values health, MODe currently offers three products to support each exercise modality—pre-workout, intra-workout and post-workout (recovery). MODe is available direct to consumers via as well as through select retailers beginning May 2017.

MODe Sports Nutrition

MODe Reinvents Sports Nutrition With Combination of Freshness & Performance

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