Live Feisty Media announces official launch

March 8th, 2018

Live Feisty Media announces official launch

Victoria, B.C. (March 8): Live Feisty Media, a progressive media outlet aimed at empowering new perspectives and voices in triathlon and beyond, is pleased to make its official launch today on International Women’s Day. Founded by former professional triathlete Sara Gross, Live Feisty produces digital media in several formats including written, podcast and video, all accessible on its host platform

Live Feisty’s most popular existing content is The IronWomen Podcast, hosted by professional triathletes Alyssa Godesky and Haley Chura.

The Live Feisty Media team is a female-led group comprising founder and CEO Gross; podcast hosts Godesky and Chura; Ashley Wiles, CEO of Sole Girls; Kelly O’Mara, Reporter and professional triathlete; and Erin Hamilton, podcast editor. The team has been working on Live Feisty for seven months with the following results to date:

  • The IronWomen podcast: over 31,000 listeners since August 2017
  • IronWomen LIVE videos: 120,000 viewers from the Ironman World Championship and over 200,000 viewers in total
  • Social media: 7000 followers in six months across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Founder and CEO Gross says, “As triathletes, we are part of a community that feels empowered through physical activity and it is those empowered voices that we want to share through Live Feisty. Perhaps more importantly, we want to share voices and perspectives that you can’t find elsewhere. So far, people are responding well, our growth in these first 6 months has been more than I imagined.”

O’Mara says, “Having the opportunity to talk about things we care about for other people who care about those things too is an opportunity I had to embrace.”

Adds Godesky, “When Live Feisty was born, I knew that stepping into the role of co-host of the IronWomen podcast was something I could to do to help boost media coverage for women. It’s personal. It’s important. And it is a priority for me.”

In 2018, Live Feisty Media will ramp up its production with more contributors and frequency of content.

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Live Feisty Media announces official launch

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