GORE® Wear Brings First GORE-TEX® Stretch Cycling Jacket to Market

April 10th, 2018

GORE® Wear Brings First GORE-TEX® Stretch Cycling Jacket to Market

A totally waterproof and highly breathable draped cycling jacket that fits and performs like a jersey

Driving the evolution of performance athletic apparel, GORE® wear is proud to combine two of the biggest innovations in fabric technology into one cutting edge garment. The GORE® C7 GORE‐TEX® SHAKEDRY™ Stretch Jacket brings together the lightweight, breathable, and durably waterproof GORE-TEX® SHAKEDRY™ Fabric and combines it with the new GORE-TEX® Fabric with Stretch technology. This low force stretchable material is a new kind of GORE-TEX® fabric that allows the production of a draped cycling specific jacket that fits and performs more like a jersey, while still being completely waterproof. 

Key Facts: 

Together, SHAKEDRY™ Fabric and GORE-TEX® Fabric with Stretch technology synergize to produce a cycling jacket with unbeatable performance. This stretchable material has been engineered to create a closer fitting and more sculpted jacket. By carefully and strategically placing these stretch panels alongside GORE-TEX® SHAKEDRY™ Fabric, the overall weight of the jacket is kept very low, but the bulk and noise of the jacket is reduced. The result is a closely fitting jacket that will flap less in the wind, hug the body closer, and provide unrestricted movement while undertaking training or racing.

“On the GORE® Wear C7 GORE-TEX® SHAKEDRY™ STRETCH jacket we used as much GORE-TEX® SHAKEDRY™ material as possible and as much STRETCH as needed. We tested countless prototypes to find out how much stretch we really needed to achieve the result we wanted,” explains Clemens Deilmann, Head of Design at GORE® Wear.

The GORE‐TEX® Fabric with Stretch Technology panels are placed in key positions. Under the arms and on the upper back means a rider can move from riding on the tops of their bars or in the hoods, to a fully tucked aerodynamic position in the drops and the jacket will respond by matching that position. On the front of the jacket, stretch panels above the hips reduce the amount the jacket will move during normal pedalling. This has a twofold effect. Firstly, chaffing and rubbing is minimized because there is less bunching of material. This has the added benefit of greatly reducing the noise of the jacket. Even with stuffed jersey pockets you can still close the jacket easily. The performance and comfort benefits of this will be noticed instantly; high performance riders will be more likely to reach for their jacket at the first instant of inclement weather, allowing them to stay the optimal temperature longer.

Fabian Cancellara, who has been the global brand ambassador for GORE® Wear since the spring of 2017, and who contributed significant feedback towards the development of the jacket, is also excited about the new model, “I’ve been waiting for this jacket and technology to come to production for a long time: it’s ultra-lightweight and super breathable; it fits into any jersey pocket, it’s completely waterproof and it fits like a second skin thanks to the stretch inserts.”

GORE® wear understands that one jacket must be used in a variety of situations. The ultimate breathability of the GORE-TEX® SHAKEDRY™ jacket means it can be worn in warm but wet conditions, as well as very cold situations, whether or not it’s raining. With the optimized fit and improved freedom of movement thanks to the GORE‐TEX® Fabric with Stretch Technology panels, the jacket can fit over a wide range of clothing layers. The knowledge that this one jacket can serve a number of purposes will be reassuring to the athlete, allowing them to focus on their performance secure in the knowledge that they are prepared should the weather change, especially since it’s super packable and lightweight. As with all GORE® Wear outer layers, the jacket incorporates all around reflective detailing, allowing the rider to be visible to traffic from every angle. While performance is the ultimate goal of any GORE® wear item, the aesthetic of the jacket is also key to the rider. The technical nature of the jacket matches the current road cycling aesthetic, meaning the jacket can be worn with a huge range of other kit options. 

Key Features

  • Increased freedom of movement due to its snug and aerodynamic fit
  • Combined with persistent beading surface technology
  • Flexibility to fit many different body types and sizes
  • Great wearing comfort
  • Waterproof and beading surface
  • Improved breathability to reduce moisture-trapping air pockets under the jacket
  • Maintains the waterproof protection that consumers demand of a hard shell, without the feeling of restriction or bulk that may hinder movement
  • Compelling aesthetics: Technical & differentiated appearance


GORE‐TEX® SHAKEDRY™ Product Technology

GORE-TEX® Fabric with Stretch Technology

About GORE® Wear:

With its leading-edge product technologies and as a pivotal player in the development of innovative sportswear, GORE® Wear is actively shaping the functional garments of the future. GORE® Wear is part of W. L. Gore & Associates. Best known for its GORE-TEX® brand, the company serves markets around the globe and is still privately owned. www.gorewear.com

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GORE® Wear

GORE® Wear Brings First GORE-TEX® Stretch Cycling Jacket to Market

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